More Than Words Can Say

Love Triangle

Memories Lost

Not Guilty

The Deepest Sleep

Train of Mixed Blessings

That's What Friends are For I

That's What Friends Are For II

A New Beginning

It's the final episode of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman from the perspective of Colleen and Andrew! More To Come!

Night Storm

For Dr. Mike's birthday, she and Colleen decide to climb Pike's Peak. When a storm hits, Colleen and Dr. Mike get seperated, and they both develope hypothermia. Andrew and Sully set out to find them, but will they find the girls in time?

Changes In The Midst

After Colleen and Preston become friends, Preston fears he has feelings for the young medical student.Colleen realizes she may also share those feelings but what about Andrew? After much thinking Colleen must decide who she loves and who she was only infatuated with.

Too Late To Tell?

After fleeing from the homestead because drunken townsmen are coming after Sully, Colleen, Brian, Andrew, and Katie go to take cover in Sully's cave. After Colleen is taken by Dog Soldiers Andrew fears he waited to long to tell Colleen his true feelings.

Love's Undying Power

A strange, unidentifiable illness has hit Colorado Springs. When Colleen comes down with it, Andrew must deal with the fact that Colleen may not survive.

Doubting Hearts

Lewis Bing is visiting Colorado Springs and, by chance, must stay with the Sully family. His presence is enough to cause tension between Andrew and Colleen, but will it be enough to drive them apart?

A Christmas Gift

It's Christmas time and Andrew has a very special gift for Colleen. But when she runs into an "old friend" of Michalea's, he threatens to destroy their relationship.

Mommy Dearest

Andrew's mother send him the surprise of his life, a mail order bride. After Colleen comes home and hears of this she is afraid Andrew may want her instead of Colleen. And what will Andrew's mother think of Colleen and the rejected bride when we she visits her young son?

Love's Harbor

Colleen returns home for a visit from College only to find a birthday party waiting for her at the homestead. When it comes time to leave Colleen shows Andrew home on horseback due to the storm fastly approaching. When they take cover in Sully's cave, will a night alone allow them to admit their feelings for each other?

Train Ride Home I

Train Ride Home II

Andrew and Colleen go to Denver for a medical clinic. When it is cancelled they are forced to return home early. After outlaws stop the train, Colleen and Andrew's lives could be in danger.


While bringing supplies to Andrew, Colleen is attacked and her most prized possession is ripped from her. Andrew heals her physical wounds but would he be able to mend the emotional ones? Colleen and Andrew battle with the fact that her purity was taken from her and will never be recovered. After so many men have hurt young Colleen, Andrew must prove he won't do the same. Will their relationship withstand the horrible incident?

A Silent Night

After a joyous night at Colleen's house Andrew gets lost in a billowy snowstorm. After Colleen finds him, their relationship tests the trials of injury and pride. Will Colleen convince Andrew the consequences of the snowstorm were not his fault and will Andrew convince Colleen he really loves her?


After Andrew and Colleen finally connect and tell their love Colleen returns to College leaving a missed Andrew behind. After an invitation to a Medical convention in Denver, Andrew eagarly goes to see his new love.

When A New Love Is Born

Dr.Mike is soon to deliver the baby when her mother and sisters arrive, bringing handsome Dr.Cook with them. Colleen takes an immediate liking to the young doctor.Andrew finds himself sharing in the feelings with the girl who shares his aspirations. After Horace becomes ill Andrew must perform his first surgery with Colleen's assistance.(This is "When A Child Is Born" told through Colleen and Andrew's eyes. Will be postponed until after the wedding)

Healing Of The Hearts

Sully is back home, after spending months alone (most of the time) in a cave,hiding from the army. Now, he's back with his family, but as usual, things don't always go as planned, or predicted. Sully has a few surprises up his sleeve, but then, so does his wife, Michaela, and their daughter, Colleen.

One Hot Day

Spending a wonderful and warm day together, the engaged Colleen and Andrew decide to take a simple swim in the secluded water Sully told them about. Knowing no one would come, the couple wear only their underclothes. But soon, the innocent swim turns into a passion filled afternoon. [This is an NC-17 rated fanfic. Not for the easily upset or 'virgin eyes'. No, they are not married, so don't complain to me or Holly about the content. Don't read it if you don't like this sort of thing, but it is very steamy and great]

Visitor From The Heart

After getting permission from her parents, Andrew takes a short visit to Colleen at college. Though the time together is wonderful Colleen realizes how much she misses Andrew and Andrew finds how much he does love her. After both contemplating leaving for their love of each other or leaving their love for medicine, they must decide which weighs more in their life and try or try to find a new way to spend more time together.


Colleen has finally graduated from Medical School and is on her way home to her awaiting family and love.A tragic train crash hits closer to home when Andrew finds it was the train bringing Colleen home to him forever. Andrew must act fast after he realizes the train wreck might bring more than just a broken heart.

Love, Honor and Cherish

Dr.Andrew Cook has finally asked Dr.Colleen Cooper's hand in marriage. After a Christmas engagement a summer wedding takes way. Andrew and Colleen make plans for their future and home together. They are both very nervous about the up and coming event but their love helps them make through their anticipation.(This story covers the engagement, days leading to the wedding, the wedding, and the honeymoon)