16:05:42 SUE-CS {action} welcomes Jessica to CS!!!!!

16:05:49 SUE-CS {public msg} Hi Jess!! How are ya today?

16:06:59 Jessica-cs {public msg} I'm fine.

16:07:11 SUE-CS {public msg} Good!!! So what have you been doing all day?

16:07:39 Jessica-cs {public msg} My friends and I went to coffee and did a little bit of shopping.

16:08:01 SUE-CS {public msg} Always fun! :)

16:08:53 SUE-CS {public msg} We've got great questions for you!! ready?

16:09:05 Jessica-cs {public msg} Ready! Let's go!!!

16:10:00 Amyr {question presented} Hi Jessica!!! How are you? Welcome Back To CS!!! I love your site on CS. Its so cool. You are a great actress. What have you been up to lately? Have you been working on any new tv shows or movies?

16:10:54 Jessica-cs {public msg} I've been in Canada for the last month and a half filming an NBC movie called "Someone to Love Me."

16:11:05 Mags-cs {public msg} Aka girl... J/K/

16:11:13 SUE-CS {public msg} Ooh..can you give us a brief synopsis?

16:12:10 Jessica-cs {public msg} My father dies in the beginning of the movie and I'm searching for the love I lost in his death and I become a little bit promiscuous. 16:12:42 Jessica-cs {public msg} My character gets raped and nobody believes me. 16:13:04 Jessica-cs {public msg} It was a difficult topic but I got to kiss some really cute boys.

16:13:18 SUE-CS {action} can't wait to see it--I'm sure you were awesome!

16:13:22 LOCALH {question presented} What kind of music do you like? Do you prefer underground music or mainstream

16:14:07 Jessica-cs {public msg} Right now I have been obsessed with the soundtrack from Rent but I usually like hip hop.

16:14:31 Andy {question presented} what are the first things that you notice about a guy? Would you ever even think about dating a fan?

16:14:34 Mags-cs {action} is also obsessed with Rent -- Sue just loooooves it.

16:15:20 Jessica-cs {public msg} First thing I notice about a guy is the package deal. I don't notice one thing but I do like shaved hair.

16:15:30 Jessica-cs {public msg} Yeah, I'd date a fan if he's cool.

16:15:48 SUE-CS {public msg} well that opens the door for all of you male CS members out there... :)

16:15:55 DALLAS79 {question presented} Many people are using the new millinium to set goals. Have you set any?

16:16:36 Jessica-cs {public msg} I'm having a great time with what I'm doing right now so hopefully my life will just keep getting progressively better.

16:16:37 Mags-cs {action} thinks that is a lofty question

16:16:46 SUE-CS {public msg} I'm sure it will! :)

16:16:54 Tomato {question presented} Jessica do you ever find yourself staying in character after the show?

16:17:14 Jessica-cs {public msg} No, I've never stayed in the character at all.

16:17:25 Mags-cs {public msg} Do you read Little House on the Prairie books and stuff? LOL

16:17:37 Jessica-cs {public msg} Huh, very funny. 16:17:41 Jessica-cs {action: } laughs hysterically. 16:17:41 Jessica-cs {action: } laughs hysterically.

16:17:48 Violetr {question presented} I heard you dated JTT ? did you kiss him? where did you go?

16:17:52 Mags-cs {action} grins her signature evil grin

16:18:09 Jessica-cs {public msg} We went to a restaurant and I'll leave the rest between him and me.

16:18:22 SUE-CS {action} wonders.... 16:18:26 SUE-CS {public msg} Moving on!

16:18:44 Randyman {question presented} Hey Jessica, whats has been your favorite project you've acted in...either TV or stage and why???

16:19:27 Jessica-cs {public msg} I had a lot of fun on this last project because everyone in it was my age. I'm keeping in contact with all my co-stars.

16:19:41 SUE-CS {public msg} Can you tell us about some of your co-stars?

16:20:43 Jessica-cs {public msg} There was the adorable Scott Foley who is on Dawson's Creek. He plays Michelle's boyfriend.

16:21:09 Andy {question presented} what are you doing for easter? Do you go to church?

16:21:35 Jessica-cs {public msg} I'm going to my Dad's house. All my nephews will be there and I adore them.

16:21:49 Mags-cs {public msg} How old are they?

16:21:55 Star_angel {question presented} Finally someone on cs who likes hip hop....who are your faves??

16:22:18 Jessica-cs {public msg} 9 and 3, Zachary and Brandon. They are so adorable. 16:23:27 Jessica-cs {public msg} I love Biggy Smalls, Wycliff, and John Forte.

16:23:51 Simba1 {question presented} If you could spend the day with anyone, who would it be and why?

16:24:21 Jessica-cs {public msg} Ralph Lauren, I love him and all of his designs. He is amazing!

16:24:59 Mags-cs {action} likes Ralph's bedding

16:25:00 SUE-CS {public msg} Do you think you could ever score some cl 16:25:00 SUE-CS {public msg} ree? 16:25:18 SUE-CS {public msg} clothes for free--I mean!

16:25:18 Jessica-cs {public msg} Maybe, I wouldn't mind.

16:25:26 Violetr {question presented} I think you are so pretty and your website is the coolest. How can I get a picture of you?

16:26:11 Jessica-cs {public msg} Thank you so much. I'm about to do a photo shoot with CS so they'll be happy to hook you up.

16:26:30 SUE-CS {public msg} Definetely!! :)

16:27:00 LOCALH {question presented} Who do you consider your idol?

16:27:20 Jessica-cs {public msg} I think Jodie Foster is an amazing person and actress.

16:27:45 SUE-CS {action} agrees...and I'm sure she'll make a great mom too!

16:28:22 Upndmtn {question presented} Would you ever consider dating one of the Hanson Bros?

16:29:02 Jessica-cs {public msg} Well, I prefer shaved heads but my bestfriend would definitely go for one of them probably Isaac because they both have braces.

16:29:09 SUE-CS {action} laughs.

16:29:20 Simba1 {question presented} do you have any siblings? if so, how old are they?

16:29:29 Mags-cs {action} cautions against impulsive head shaving in the name of celebrity crushes

16:29:55 Mags-cs {action} thinks surely she must, since she is an aunt

16:30:08 Jessica-cs {public msg} I have a sister who is 26 and a step-sister who is 21 and two step-brothers, 25 and 28.

16:30:18 SUE-CS {public msg} Do they all live near you?

16:30:34 Jessica-cs {public msg} Oregon, Maine, Chico, and LA.

16:30:54 Andy {question presented} How tall are you? what is your favorite perfume?

16:31:21 Jessica-cs {public msg} I'm 5'3" and I love Jill Sander perfume made for Saks.

16:31:38 Bandit {question presented} Hi Jessica. Have you ever gotten any interesting gifts from your fans?

16:32:06 Jessica-cs {public msg} There is a fan club in Germany who always sends cool porcelin gifts.

16:32:47 DALLAS79 {question presented} Hello Jessica :-) What qualities do you look for in a good friend?

16:33:16 Jessica-cs {public msg} Trust and someone who knows how to have a fun time and stay out of trouble.

16:33:28 Mags-cs {action} says there's still time to post questions for the lovely Jessica Bowman, Colleen Cooper on "Dr. Quinn!" Just go to the auditorium or skyboxes and type /ask before your question! 16:34:29 Mags-cs {action} has a great idea - if you're new or lost, click on "Bazza's Chat Tips" (above your screen in the lounge there) for HELP!

16:34:30 Tomato {question presented} Do you ever wish you lived in the "Dr. Quinn" era?

16:34:57 Jessica-cs {public msg} No, I do not like the outfits, they are so uncomfotable and the lack of transporation would be kind of a drag.

16:35:20 SUE-CS {action} agrees, but always secretly wanted to be Laura Ingalls.

16:35:54 Bandit {question presented} Hi Jessica. Welcome back to CS. Do you have any favorite sports teams?

16:36:38 Jessica-cs {public msg} I've never really been able to get into sports and I've never personally cared what team wins but my step-brother is a soccer player so I've promised to get more into it.

16:36:41 Mags-cs {action} tries to be unobtrusive, but says Broncos!!!

16:36:55 Amyr {question presented} If you had an unlimited supply of legos and could build anything you wanted to, what would you build and why?

16:37:19 SUE-CS {action} tells everyone that Legos are made in her hometown!! :)

16:38:18 Jessica-cs {public msg} A one bedroom apartment on the beach because I'm looking for one right now and can't find one. 16:38:24 Jessica-cs {action: } pouts. 16:38:24 Jessica-cs {action: } pouts.

16:39:09 Bandit {question presented} Hi Jessica. What do you like to do in your spare time (if you have any) for fun?

16:39:54 Jessica-cs {public msg} I love going to movies, hanging out with my friends, going to parties, and it is a little embarassing but I love to shop. 16:40:15 Jessica-cs {action: } giggles inanely. 16:40:15 Jessica-cs {action: } giggles inanely.

16:40:18 SUE-CS {action} thinks that's a female trait we are all trying to work on.

16:40:30 Mags-cs {action} is equally guilty of the shopping thing

16:40:45 I_LOVE_BAZZA {question presented} Do you have a middle name? If so, what is it?

16:41:23 Jessica-cs {public msg} Robyn 16:41:49 Jessica-cs {public msg} My parents got their hippie phase out in my middle name as well as my sister's.

16:42:01 SUE-CS {action} laughs.

16:42:03 Kurt74656 {question presented} Jessica since you like to shop have you ever thought about coming to Minnesota to visit the largest mall in the US?

16:42:39 Mags-cs {action} thinks the Mall of America is a bit daunting - don't you have to hop in a cab to get to Banana Republic or something? LOL

16:42:47 Jessica-cs {public msg} I would love to.

16:43:21 Mags-cs {action} calls Delta and makes the arrangements

16:43:48 Upndmtn {question presented} Do you like CS? cuz it's really the cool place to be

16:44:19 Jessica-cs {public msg} It's a great place to be and everyone here is really cool.

16:44:26 SUE-CS {action} blushes and says thanks. :)

16:44:35 Bandit {question presented} Hi Jessica, seen any good movies lately? (Please don't say Titanic LOL)

16:45:00 Jessica-cs {public msg} I wasn't that thrilled with Titanic, actually. I saw Copland and it was amazing.

16:45:28 Mags-cs {action} loved Copland too - what a rad cast

16:45:34 I_LOVE_BAZZA {question presented} What is your most favorite song of all time? Also, what are all of your favorite bands and what was the last concert you went to?

16:46:50 Jessica-cs {public msg} My favorite song of all times is "Son of a Preacher Man" and I love Sublime, Biggy Smalls. The last concert I went to I was trying to be a hippie so I went to a Greatful Dead concert with my Dad when I was 13.

16:47:05 SUE-CS {public msg} That is so cool that you went woith your DAD!!

16:47:13 Kurt74656 {question presented} Welcome back to CS Jessica. I just wanted to ask you what was the hardest roll on Dr. Quinn you ever had to play?

16:47:16 Mags-cs {public msg} GRATEFUL!

16:47:36 SUE-CS {action} . o O ( Mags is grateful why? )

16:48:53 Jessica-cs {public msg} In this season finale, I get married. Running in the room telling my family "Guess what, we're going to get married" was difficult too make realistic.

16:49:11 Upndmtn {question presented} What did you do on christmas break? I know that was a long time ago, but I still would like to know.

16:49:50 Jessica-cs {public msg} I went to NY City with my Mom. We shopped, went to "Rent", saw the "Diary of Anne Frank", and ate.

16:50:00 SUE-CS {action} and Mags love New York! :)

16:50:07 LOCALH {question presented} what did you do for April Fool's a while back?

16:50:52 Jessica-cs {public msg} I was working all day and I didn't even remember it was April Fool's day until the second half in the day. In Canada you don't even pull pranks after 12:00.

16:51:30 SUE-CS {public msg} That is so weird! 16:51:58 SUE-CS {action} tells everyone that the whole gang is singing along to Rent right now.

16:52:01 Bandit {question presented} Hi Jessica. I've always wondered this...when you fly you go first class?

16:52:45 Jessica-cs {public msg} To Canada yes. I usually fly first class with my family but not with my friends. I hate to fly so first-class makes it a lot better.

16:53:03 SUE-CS {action} agrees although she wouldn't know personally :) 16:53:07 SUE-CS {public msg} One last question...

16:53:15 Bandit {question presented} Hi Jessica. Welcome back to CS. Do you smoke?

16:53:18 Jessica-cs {public msg} Go for it.

16:53:30 Jessica-cs {public msg} No, it makes me nauseous.

16:53:59 SUE-CS {public msg} Alright Jessica!!! 16:55:00 SUE-CS {public msg} Well, thanks so much for hanging with us Jessica!!! do you have time for trivia?

16:55:08 Jessica-cs {public msg} Go for it!