15:18:31 mags-cs {action} welcomes all the guests and says click on "Bazza's Chat Tips" if you need some help!

15:57:10 mags-cs {action} announces that Jessica is now in the PREMIUM chat lounge meeting and greeting premium members :)

15:59:25 mags-cs {action} says now would be an excellent time to post a question for Jessica, who is currently hanging out in the premium member chat lounge

16:03:28 mags-cs {action} explains how to get to the auditorium or skyboxes to post a question for the lovely Jessica: click on the yellow icon above your screen for a site map - choose a skybox and you're good to go!

16:09:33 sue-cs {public msg} Hey Jess! Welcome back to CS! :)

16:09:58 sue-cs {public msg} Ready for some questions? :)

16:10:04 jessica-cs {public msg} Go for it!

16:10:19 lil_foxy {question presented} What are your plans for the fall? winter?

16:11:19 jessica-cs {public msg} For Christmas my family and I are going to New York to spend a holiday in the nice cold weather, I also want to go snow boarding...

16:11:42 jessica-cs {public msg} and through the grapevine... I heard about some future Dr. Quinn movies.

16:12:04 mags-cs {public msg} Cool Jess!

16:12:09 fan2001 {question presented} Where is your fave place to hangout with your friends?

16:12:43 jessica-cs {public msg} I love going to the beach and making fires, BBQ and fun with my friends!

16:12:48 brook {question presented} Hi Jessica! I was wondering if you think your personality is true to your astrological sign?

16:14:25 jessica-cs {public msg} Some of the things I can relate to a typical Sagittarius, but other things I'm the complete opposite of

16:14:30 guest5603 {question presented} Hi, Jessica! Now that Dr. Quinn is off, is there any other address (beside Radford Ave.) that fans can write to for an autograph/pic of you?

16:15:09 jessica-cs {public msg} J. Michael Bloom, Los Angeles, CA..

16:15:14 mags-cs {action} says thanks for the great questions, and keep 'em coming! Auditorium. Skyboxes. /ask. You know the drill! ;-)

16:15:25 shiner141 {question presented} so jess, what do u look for in a guy? and are you busy this weekend? :)

16:16:04 jessica-cs {public msg} Very quiet at first, a little mysterious...

16:16:48 jessica-cs {public msg} but yet when you get to know him, very sweet, but very passionate about different subjects...

16:17:17 jessica-cs {public msg} And this weekend; I haven't even thought about it. I'll probably end up at the beach.

16:17:45 a1919 {question presented} Hey Jess! Can I call you that? Of COURCE! Im manda......Nice to meet you! So how was your summer?! Go anywhere special? Oh BTW,Welcome Back To CS!!!! So whats your fav. subject in school? Whats your fav. food? Do I ask toooooo many questions? =0) Pe@ce Out! ~Manda~

16:19:33 jessica-cs {public msg} Yes you can call me that, I had the best summer of my life, I went to Hawaii, and Lake Powell. I fave subject in school would be Geometry...I love chicken, frozen yogurt, and diet coke with Lemonade

16:19:30 andy {question presented} If you were not an incredibly gorgeous actress what job would you like to do?

16:20:22 mags-cs {action} can appreciate the diet coke/ lemon combo

16:21:31 jessica-cs {public msg} If I could handle the bar exam, I would like to be a lawyer. The bar exam is a two day test! I hate tests, I get all panicked

16:21:39 ruler127 {question presented} Hey Jess. This is Ruler. I was wondering if you could join the cast of any other television show which one would it be and why?

16:22:05 mags-cs {action} wonders what exactly he Rules

16:22:51 jessica-cs {public msg} Ally McBeal! I'm a big Calista Flockhart fan!!

16:23:02 mags-cs {public msg} I love Ally!

16:24:21 fan2001 {question presented} Hi Jess! What is it like working with Joe Lando? I think He's cool.

16:25:38 jessica-cs {public msg} Joe is one of my favorite people to work with on the show. He's a Sagittarius, too!

16:25:42 annika {question presented} If you could pick one hot guy in the entire world (singer, actor, or model) to go on a date with. Who would you pick and what kind of date would it be?

16:27:21 jessica-cs {public msg} Jack Nicholsen a while ago! And a candlelight dinner on the beach with the perfect weather so no one gets cold

16:27:29 sasha_v {question presented} Who would be the ideal actor/actress to work with in your opinion

16:27:39 mags-cs {public msg} Have you seen "As Good As It Gets?"

16:28:08 jessica-cs {public msg} Jodie Foster, and Helen Hunt, because they are both good role models.

16:28:37 annika {question presented} Do you have any pets? If not what kind of animal would you want to have. It doesn't have to be a normal pet either. (I think a dolphin as a pet would be cool) :)

16:29:04 jessica-cs {public msg} I have two doggies, I have my own horse, two pigs, and two bulls

16:29:35 guest5613 {question presented} Jessica, if you had one month to take a road trip anywhere in the US, where would you go and what would you see and do?

16:30:28 jessica-cs {public msg} I would go up North to see Oregon, Seattle..all the camp spots, no hotels

16:30:47 i_love_bazza {question presented} Hi Jessica!! How are you doing? So, what have you been up to lately? Have you been working on any new movies or tv shows?

16:32:20 jessica-cs {public msg} Hi Amy! How is everything going. I've been having a fun summer, and now I'm looking forward to getting back into the acting thing and looking for the projects

16:32:48 andy {question presented} Do you have a good singing voice? can you record something and post it on your site?

16:36:12 mags-cs {action} announces that we only have time for a couple more questions, then it's off to trivia :)

16:36:14 jessica-cs {public msg} Basically I can't sing...!

16:36:39 mags-cs {action} laughs

16:37:21 fan2001 {question presented} What is your favorite color?

16:39:44 jessica-cs {public msg} I like pale, soft yellow, light colors, and black.

16:39:46 sue-cs {public msg} Lets end with this very funny statement....

16:39:50 shiner141 {question presented} not a question, a statement.. you can't see this, but right now i'm being quiet, yet mysterious and really sweet and passionate about things, just thought you'd like to know :) jk

16:40:09 mags-cs {action} smiles at Shiner

16:40:19 sue-cs {action} smiles atshiner too

16:40:27 sue-cs {public msg} Jess ready fpr some trivia? :)

16:40:41 mags-cs {public msg} Jessica, thank you so much for chatting with us today :)

16:40:49 mags-cs {public msg} It was great to see you as always!

16:41:20 mags-cs {action} anncounces that Jessica will be joining premium members in the MONDAY NIGHT TRIVIA LOUNGE for trivia and prizes!! See you there!

16:41:29 sue-cs {public msg} Jess thanks for chatting! Lets go to trivia! :)

16:41:52 mags-cs {public msg} Once again, that's Jessica Bowman trivia in the Monday Night Trivia Room!