A DAY IN THE LIFE OF JESSICA BOWMAN 6:00 AM Start hair and makeup, and order coffee. 7:00 AM Finish hair, which takes awhile because of the 1800's hairstyles. Then go to my trailer and change into my wardrobe. 8:00 AM Go to the set and begin rehearsal for our first scheduled scene; and say my "good mornings" to the cast and crew. 9:00 AM-1:00 PM Hopefully begin shooting the scenes scheduled for the day. 1:00 PM BREAK!! Have a light lunch with the cast and crew, and go over my lines for the next scene. 2:00 PM Back to work! Go back to makeup trailer and get after-lunch touch-ups. Then pop into the babies' trailer and have a short visit with the triplets. 3:00 PM Back to the set to pick up where we left off. Usually at about this time we have three scenes left for the day. 7:00 PM Once I'm done for the day, I get my hair taken down, wash my face, and jump in my car and go. 8:00 PM My friends and I will meet for coffee or frozen yogurt, and chat about what's been going on at school. 9:00-10:00 PM I'm so exhausted I go home, return whatever messages I may have, and then take a shower and crawl into bed. I usually fall asleep to "Nick at Night." 11:00 PM Recuperating to start all over again in the morning!