Michaela is having twins, a wedding is coming and Mother visits in this tale of love, happiness, fear and more! (This is my fanfic, any feedback is welcome!)

Healing of the Hearts

Why, It's Christmas

What If.....

A Washington Affair, Continued

Wanton Woman

A Very New Arrival

A Valentine's Day to Remember

A True Hero

The Trial

Ties That Bind

Tailor Made

Sully's Claim

Sully's Birthday Surprise

The Storm Before the Calm

I'm Sorry

So Many Changes

The Shooting

Seeing Red

The Second Proposal

Second Chances

Seasons of Change


Rescue and Redemption

Reasons To Celebrate

Promises, Promises

The Pain of Telling

No Excuses

Now That Daniel Has Gone

A Night of Life Giving Love

A Night To Heal

Michaela's Perfect Day

Mending Hearts

Memories of a Long Time Past

Memoirs of a Broken Window

The Lost Baby

The Long Night

A Light in the Darkness

Keeping the Song Alive

It Just Gets Better

Just Another Day

The Honeymoon - Reflections Too

The Honeymoon - Reflections

The Honeymoon Train Fantasy

The Honeymoon

Home and Away

Helping Hand

Happy Mother's Day

Hand in Hand

Going Home

A Gift Within Christmas

From Books to Promises

Finally Home

Early Anniversary

Down Came the Rain

The Desk

Circle of Life

A Christmas Story

Christmas Gifts

Birthday Gift

Between Lovers

Arms of Love

Another Touch of Nature

All That's Needed

Joyful Children

Love's Treasure

Bonds of Love

The Shooting

After a brawl outside the Saloon, Sully is shot protecting Matthew

The Kidnapping

After the death of his wife, Ethan Cooper returns to Colorado Springs in order to take Brian back to San Francisco with him, but when things don't go to plan he kidnaps Brian and Katie

Nightmare In Colorado Springs

A new man buys Preston's Chateau but makes few friends in town. He is suddenly found murdered...Who did it?

The Darkness Came

A terrible storm hits capturing Michaela in the barn.....what will happen when Sully finds his wife unconscious in a pile of rubble?


While returning from a trip in the mountains to treat a patient, Michaela is caught in an avalanche. Partially buried, Michaela is unable to free herself. Can Sully get to her in time before it is too late?

The Anguished Heart

A story written at the beginning of season four. Nearing the end of her pregnancy, Michaela pushes herself too hard at the sight of a train wreck and loses the baby. Can she survive the anguish that follows?

To Live With Fear

Through a medical accident, Michaela is injected with a deadly disease. Sully must take her to Boston where the doctors try to save her life.

The Outlaw

Michaela is kidnapped by a bank robber to treat his injured accomplice. When the man dies, the bank robber has other things in mind for Michaela. Warning: This story contains some violence and adult situations.

The River

Michaela and Sully enjoy an afternoon alone in the mountains, renewing their strong feelings for one another. However, their moments of love are shattered when a walk along the river becomes a near tragedy. Warning: This story contains some adult situations. (In response to reader comments!)


Michaela and Sully are caught in a blizzard while returning from the reservation. They take shelter in an abandoned shack. While trapped, they talk about the miscarriage and renew their love for one another.

Into the Fire

After a night of love, Michaela and Sully must face the most terrifying night of their lives when angry renegades set their house on fire!

Beneath the Shadow of the Moon

Sully and Michaela have rebuilt their home with the town's help. As time passes without any further attacks from the renegades, they let their guard down. In a surprise attack, Black Moon and his renegades kidnap Katie, forcing Michaela and Sully to desperate and deadly measures in order to rescue their daughter. (continuation of "Into the Fire")