What does Jessica like? How does she feel about Dr. Quinn? What other projects is she working on? Who are the important people in her life? Find out all this and more in the chat with Jessica below.

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HLHost says "I am really excited about the show. We have a very special guest joining us in the studio tonight, Jessica Bowman from the hit TV series "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman". Let's all welcome Jessica to the show!"

HLHost says "Hi Jessica!"

JessicaBowman says "Hey! THanks for the welcome, nice to be here."

HLHost says "What do you have planned for the weekend."

JessicaBowman says "Tonite I'm going to my friend's house and tomorrow I'm going to Ojai to help my dad save the farm from flooding."

HLHost says "I loved Ojai."

HLHost says "When I was young, I went to this new age school called Heartlight. We did sweat lodges and stuff, I was 9 years old. It's so nice."

guest702 asks "How old were yo when you started acting?"

JessicaBowman says "When I was 7-8-9, I was doing community theatre in Walnut Creek, then I came to L.A. and booked a Little Mermaid commercial. I was perfect for it ... red hair and freckles. then, I told my Mom I got a commercial and had to stay. It was beginner's luck. I was hooked, we came here temporarily and over the years it became permanent."

ExciteUser asks "(ETURNAL): Was acting always something you wanted to do or is it something you fell into?"

JessicaBowman says "I always played around with it, pretending with my friend. Never took it seriously, I did community theatre and loved it but never thought I'd be here today."

TheDiesel asks "If you weren't in showbiz, what else would you be doing?"

JessicaBowman says "I'd die to be a gymnast or an ice skater. I love going to the competitions. Now, I saw Spice Girls last night and want to be a Spice Girls!"

HLHost says "Do you like them?'"

JessicaBowman says "No, I despise them! But, my friend and I saw the movie out of boredom and I love them now! It's playful, not serious, perfect. It's fun. I went out and bought the album!"

HLHost says "My fiance loves to hate them. He thinks they're fabulous and loves to hate them."

HLHost says "Which Spice Girl would you be?"

JessicaBowman says "I'd be All Around Spice!"

JessicaBowman laughs hysterically.

Mingo Jones asks "What are some of your all-time favorite movies???"

JessicaBowman says "My favorites get serious. The Professional with Natalie Portman. The English Patient. I like serious movies that go slow, character development that's slow. I don't like a huge story in two hours. I loved Ulee's Gold. I like really dramatic movies. Oh! And, The Piano. Dead Man Walking."

HLHost says "There's really a lot of good movies out there. Dead Man Walking" was incredible!"

JessicaBowman says "Some people thought it was slow."

guest702 asks "What actors/actresses do you look up to?"

HLHost says "Yeah, impatient people."

JessicaBowman says "I LOVE Jodie Foster, Anthony Hopkins, Meryl Streep. People along those lines that do character acting and are versatile. Jodie is my all time favorite."

HLHost says "So, you'd love to do a movie with Jodie."

JessicaBowman says "I wouldn't turn it down Or, with Robert Redford!"

HLHost says "He's foxy!"

TheDiesel asks "do you have any love interests? Do you get bombarded with propositions?"

JessicaBowman says "He's gorgeous but too old for me. I don't have a boyfriend, I'm picky. I like the ballet and movies and serious stuff sometimes. Then other tiimes I see Spice girls and so I need someone who understands both sides."

HLHost says "How old are you?"

JessicaBowman says "17. I have a couple of years. I applied to college Northwestern in Chicago."

HLHost says "What are you planning on studying?"

JessicaBowman says "No idea. I applied with an acting major cause I thought it would help me get in. Jane Seymour wrote me a letter of recommendation."

HLHost says "Well, use what you got!"

JessicaBowman says "Once you get in, they see you know what you're talking about! I can play with different ideas. I'm looking forward to it. I applied this year and I can put it on hold for a year."

HLHost says "You like to be organized and have it all laid out for ya. When I went to college I wasn't like that. I started at U of Colorado in Boulder, but I didn't go to learn anything! I went to drink and meet boys, girl! Lots of boys and drugs! Then I dropped out! Enough about me!"

JessicaBowman laughs hysterically.

Jinxed asks "What do you like most about working on Dr. Quinn? least?"

JessicaBowman says " I LOVE that it's a constant working atmosphere and that I'm always working With films you do them here and there. But two months in between you get patient and want to do something. I love the people I work with like a family. The least is the rain! Which we're dealing with right now. We got flooded today. The creek was overflowing."

HLHost says "Oh, that's okay, you got a little time off."

JessicaBowman says "I don't like the hours, either."

guest702 asks "What is like to work with Jane Seymour?"

JessicaBowman says "She's really cool. We live near each other."

HLHost says "Do you car pool?"

JessicaBowman says "No! We have different hours. I run into her at a coffee shop or going to movies. I'm friends with her daughter so sometimes I go over there to hang out with her. She's my age, a year younger, very cool. Her name is Katie."

LadyEvenstar asks "Is Dr. Quinn returning for another season?"

JessicaBowman says "You are not asking the right person! I don't understand. I hear different things. One person tells me one thing and another tells me another. I don't want to get involved with what's going on. I'm having fun while it lasts. I have a feeling it'll be picked up. I think A lot of people ask me and tell me they're writing a letter to make sure it stays on the air."

Nobb asks "How did it feel to win the Young Artist Award in 1996?"

JessicaBowman says "It was funny because I went there and thought it's a kids award show so it's all fixed. I was there with my friends and family and it was cool because I got to buy a new dress and pair of shoes! Then they announced my name and pronounced it wrong and so I didn't think anything of it. I walked up to the stage thinking, "Oh my God! Still don't remember what I said when I went up there. I'm nominated again this year."

TheDiesel asks "who played an important role in the shaping and molding of your career?"

HLHost says "We'll cross our fingers for you."

JessicaBowman says "Definitely my Mom. If she wasn't into what I was doing, I wouldn't be where I am today. She's becoming my manager."

HLHost says "That's great that she's so supportive!"

guest743 asks "what were the things that made you want to be an actress?"

HLHost says "Do you still do school?"

JessicaBowman says "Oh yeah! When work was cancelled today at 10, I had to go to school. But, when I walked in there, it was cancelled, Malibu High was cancelled, too."

HLHost says "It's insane with the rain flooding all over! Not just like Malibu!"

JessicaBowman says "I wouldn't know cause I'm trapped in Malibu. It's cool when you're home and it's raining and you don't have to go anywhere."

HLHost says "I wish I could go home soon! I don't live in Malibu, so I'm okay. I did live there when I was 9 until I was 13."

JessicaBowman says "Oh cool! I just saw lightening outside the window!!! Be glad you don't live here."

Mingo Jones asks "Have you ever passed on a role that you later regretted passing on?"

HLHost says "I just heard major thunder!"

JessicaBowman says "me, too!"

JessicaBowman says "I tend to be very close minded at first, cause when you think about reading a script, like "Face Off" two people changing faces, you think it's ridiculous. I'm learning to be more open minded when I read scripts. I probably passed up a few that I'm going to regret when they come out but we'll see."

Jinxed asks "How much are you like your character and vis versa?"

JessicaBowman says "I would say I'm a lot like Colleen in the fact that she bases a lot of importance on her family. Also, in her striving for her career ... she's in medical school and she's being accepted to medical college which is the episode we're doing now! Uh oh! I wasn't supposed to say that!"

HLHost says "We didn't hear anything!"

JessicaBowman laughs hysterically.

JessicaBowman says "I don't wear the same style clothes as she does! I'm so used to wearing the long petty skirts. I also wear my jeans under it if wardrobe doesn't notice. So, I always feel like me under there. Also, Colleen, my character, is very subtle in her decisions and conversations, things she's uncomfortable about. Whereas, I get straight to the point. I'm a little more straightforward. Probably because of the time difference. Women are allowed to speak up for themselves now."

HLHost says "We wouldn't be there if it weren't for the women who walked before us."

JessicaBowman says "Up Malibu Canyon in Calabasas at Paramount Ranch. It's a national park, so everyone's free to come and watch. There's always 15-20 fans just watching. Sometimes they watch for long and I don't understand their patience. But, they stay."

HLHost says "Some people really enjoy it! They come from far away to watch it."

JessicaBowman says "Yeah, sometimes it gets hot and they watch for 10 hours! So, I don't understand it. "I have a 26 year old sister, who lives in Oregon with her husband. My dad's wife has a daughter who's 21. ANd, two older boys, 25 and 28. We all play around together and I get picked on because I'm the youngest. Before it was different, but now I have 4 against me! But, it's fun."

HLHost says "Do any of them act?"

JessicaBowman says "Oh, not even close. Health administration, religious study, teachers and a soccer player. I just came out of nowhere I think I was adopted. I like it, though. They think it's cool."

Jinxed asks "What are you most proud of in your life and/or Career?"

JessicaBowman says "I have lately this past year learned how to balance my personal life and my career so I'm not completely devoted to either. I can work during the day and have coffee with my friends at night. Two years ago I was working all the time. And, on weekends I'd retreat to my room. But, this year I shifted the balance. And, it's definitely worked out. Right now I'm at my friend's house doing the interview and we're going to a party! In Malibu! I have no other choice because of all the roadblocks."

Hick24 asks " what are your favorite TV shows?"

JessicaBowman says "I LOVE Seinfeld. I know it's going off the air, but this past year I've learned that it even existed! So, all the reruns are all new to me! I'm not so upset cause I have 5 years to catch up! I don't watch TV too much. I rent movies or watch HBO."

Joanee asks "Do you want to stay in television or do more film work?"

JessicaBowman says "As I get older, I prefer to do film work. I like to change characters. I just did two films. One is called "Young Hearts Unlimited.", it was a lot of fun. I was the hippie acting out child with tons of earrings and makeup! Then, I did "Breakfast With Einstein.", I was a rich snob, a mean horrible creature. With a wiry haired poodle. Meeting different people all the time is cool when you do movies."

Joanee asks "Do you ever want to direct or produce?"

JessicaBowman says "I think I'd want to direct. If the world was magic and I could create my own world, I'd continue acting yet balance acting and college and become successful as an actor. Emulate Jodie Foster and Tom Cruise. There are so many directors are wonderful but haven't gotten a break."

Joanee asks "Do you have any imput into the story lines?"

JessicaBowman says "But, if you establish yourself as an actor, you get a break. At the beginning of every season, we have a meeting and you tell them what's going on in your life or ideas. 30-40 year old people have a hard time writing about a 17 year old girl, so you give them input and they translate it into Colleen's life."

Jinxed asks "What do you like best about acting?"

JessicaBowman says "God, that's a hard question."

HLHost says "Cause when you start acting, you have these ideas and what draws you but what keeps you there?"

JessicaBowman says "There's always a challenge, coming up with different ideas, how this will work for you, changing characters. Something within yourself that can create the emotion that the character is feeling at the time. A challenge can be frightening but you can overcome it and accomplish it. It's very rewarding."

Jinxed asks "What would be your dream project?"

JessicaBowman says "Everyone is telling me about the movie "Gigi." I have not yet seen it. But, everyone is saying that I have to play it. Even though I can't sing, hopefully it won't be a musical. It'd be fun to be someone so eccentric and wild."

HLHost says "You should see it!"

claudio9 asks "Have you ever worked with Leonardo Decaprio"

JessicaBowman says "No! But, I wouldn't mind to. He's really cute. My friend went out with a bunch of people with him last night and said he was really nice."

claudio9 asks "Did you see Titanic?"

JessicaBowman says "Yeah, I did. did a really good job. Did you see it?"

HLHost says "I did. And, I loved the outfits. I was so into her dresses. She had gorgeous clothes."

HLHost says "I'm horribly into fashion."

Mingo Jones asks "Do you believe in Space Aliens???"

HLHost says "You wouldn't know it by looking at me but I really love clothes and shoes. My guy, the guy that I love, my fiance (I hate that word) he is always yelling at me because I'm obsessed with shoes."

HLHost says "I have to have new ones once every couple months."

JessicaBowman says "When there's a sale?"

HLHost says "Sale shmale!"

JessicaBowman says "But, you have to get them even if it's 20ff!"

HLHost says "It would be a shame not to buy them!"

JessicaBowman says "I have a dangerous fetish. Nice sunglasses! They're so expensive. And, I love them, they're so much fun. But, so expensive."

HLHost says "The more expensive the quicker you lose them!"

JessicaBowman says "I got some yesterday with black rims and orange lenses!"

HLHost says "I'm sure they're very nice."

JessicaBowman says "My mom gave me a lecture on the phone today about it! It feels good to have them."

HLHost says "But, then you think Do I really need all this stuff? Does it make me feel better."

JessicaBowman says "Yeah!"

JessicaBowman laughs hysterically.

Jinxed asks "Do you go on the internet? if so do you go into the chat rooms?"

JessicaBowman says "My dad just got a computer with all the internet and online. I didn't quite understand anything about it and somehow I got into a chat room. I kept writing but the girl didn't answer me. For some reason, I think I didn't know what I was doing. It was so much fun when I understood it. I looked under "Gymnasts" and the competitions going on."

Mingo Jones asks "What is your favorite kinds of food to eat??? Do you like Slurppees?"

JessicaBowman says "Slurpees? I haven't had one forever but I always get brain freeze. OH my God! But, I love frozen yogurt. I have it probably twice a day."

HLHost says "What flavor?"

JessicaBowman says "Today I had peanut butter and chocolate with reese's pieces on top. I love butter croissants. I got them at Coffee Bean today, go to Malibu yogurt for my yogurt. That's where my allowance goes. Cash goes by so quickly! She (my mom) doesn't understand where it goes, but it's gone!"

JessicaBowman laughs hysterically.

claudio9 asks "Do you hang out with other young actors"

JessicaBowman says "I live in Malibu not a lot of actors live here. But, I'm friends with Ryder Strong. We're probably best friends. He's so sweet."

Joanee asks "Do you plan on doing more theatre in the future?"

JessicaBowman says "Yeah. musical theatre. When I was a little girl it was cute to be off key, but now it's not so cute. I'd love to do drama in college with a bunch of students. Take a theatre class. It'd be fun to direct the play, too!"

HLHost says "THey'd let you do that! Just tell them you're going to do it! Tell them to get away and to get out of your way! Tell them Rebecca said you could!"

Jinxed asks "how do you feel being reconized when you go out?"

JessicaBowman says "Oh okay."

JessicaBowman laughs hysterically.

JessicaBowman says "Uh! Sometimes my friends, I've been wearing baseball caps and sunglasses. So my friends think I'm trying to hide myself and they tell people who I am and they overdo it to embarrass me. You have to say something really cool and I can't do it!" But, it's cool when families approach me but when other teens do, I get really shy."

HLHost says "That's okay, everyone gets shy."

TrvlinLori asks "How did you get the call for Dr. Quinn and were you working on something at that time?"

JessicaBowman says "The expression when it rains it pours comes in. Cause my agent called and said I should audition. The actress who played the character was leaving. I thought the comparisons would be really scary. And, I thought Chad Allen was too hot and was scared to work with him! But, I was embarrassed to work with him and didn't want to audition. 3 months later they called again cause they redid them and this time, I thought why not At the same time, I got another TV movie. So, I had to choose. I chose Dr. Quinn. When I met Chad, it was not what I expected. He's such a sweetheart."

claudio9 asks "Do you like any of the young gentlemen on the show?"

JessicaBowman says "Chad and Joe are cutie pies! But, everyone is a little older than I am! I go for guys my own age!"

HLHost says "When you get a little older you'll realize that boys are not on the same level as you and you'll need to go for someone who's a little older than you! When I was your age, I was dating older men and it was pretty nasty."

JessicaBowman says "But, there's something wrong with them if they're after younger girls! So, I stay with guys my own age18-19."

claudio9 asks "What do you think about the scandal with President Clinton"

JessicaBowman says "I understand he had an affair but think that was his personal business. He took responsibility when it came in the public eye. I think the American people are feeding too much on it and the fact he may lie on the stand is not right. There's something wrong with his lying, he might be lying about other things. It's pretty clear what the trial is about. Maybe he's not lying, it'd be a good thing. We'll see what happens."

HLHost says "I think he's done really good job. He's not an infallible human being and no one's perfect. Not that you asked for my opinion! But, I'm gonna tell you! I think the American people have gone too far. There was a live press interview with Tony Blair and Pres. Clinton and people could ask questions. The first question that this American woman asked was Did you sleep with Monica Lewinsky."

JessicaBowman says "Who cares! Do you know how many presidents in the past have been with women other than their wives! Before television and radio were there. Americans always need something interesting."

Hick24 asks "Jessica i think they should keep it private not public"

HLHost says "Yeah, we want to step out of our own lives and see that other people are human too and we're not so bad."

JessicaBowman says "Yeah, well we have good ideas! Great minds think alike!"

HLHost says "Back to you!"

JessicaBowman says "Me? It's fun talking about you!"

HLHost laughs hysterically.

claudio9 asks "Do you know what your next acting work will be"

JessicaBowman says "A couple projects I'm looking into but I can't say right now. Maybe in a couple of weeks."

TheDiesel asks "what are your ultimate plans for the future?"

JessicaBowman says "Like I said before, if it was a magic world, I'd go to college and do a movie in the summer and over holiday break. Then, after graduation, I'd continue acting and then do directing. Of course, there's marriage and children. I had a lot of fun, nice meeting you!"

HLHost says "Jessica, thank you so much for joining us tonight, it was great to have you on our show. And thanks to all you folks for joining us from excite, and to all of you here on Please join us again week when our guests will be Susan Walters from "Melrose Place", Roy Dupuis from "La Femme Nikita" and Dale Gribble from "King of the Hill". Goodnight everyone, have a great weekend!"