Mags-cs {action} is excited to chat with Jessica Bowman (Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman)!

SUE-CS {public msg} Hi Jessica!!! We are psyched to have you here!! SUE-CS {action} announces Jessica will be here to answer your questions in a probs!!

Jessica-cs {public msg} Made it!

SUE-CS {action} welcomes Jessica back again!!!

Jessica-cs {public msg} Thanks.

SUE-CS {public msg} We have got some great questions for you Jessica!!! Jessica-cs {public msg} Great.

Amyr {question presented} Hi Jessica!!!! How are you? Welcome Back To CS! You are a great actress. I like Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. What other tv shows or movies have you been in? Have you done any commercials?

Jessica-cs {public msg} Thank you, Amyr. Right before Dr. QUinn, I did a series called "The Road Home"... Jessica-cs {public msg} And I've done a couple of little things here and there...and I have two films coming out. Jessica-cs {public msg} "Breakfast With Einstein" and "Young Hearts Unlimited"

Mags-cs {public msg} Indie films or studio stuff?

Jessica-cs {public msg} They both are being picked up by studios...

SUE-CS {public msg} can't wait to see them!!

Mags-cs {public msg} We'll watch for them :-)

SUE-CS {public msg} here's a Q from Simba.. Simba1 {question presented} Hey Jessica!! :-) Wut'z your favorite movie/tv show??

Jessica-cs {public msg} My favorite recent movie is "Dead Man Walking". My favorite TV show is Seinfeld.

SUE-CS {public msg} good choices!!! :)

Mygirl {question presented} Hey Jessica!! Welcome once again to cs!! Glad to know ur an official member now!! Ok...If you could travel back in time, which era would you visit and why?? (other than the set of Dr.Quinn!!)

Jessica-cs {public msg} Thank you, Sue!

Mags-cs {action} is still accepting these great Q's for Jessica Bowman! Just post them in the suditorium or skyboxes by typing /ask before your question!

Jessica-cs {public msg} I think the Swing days...with flirty dresses and Swing dancing.

Stormryder {question presented} i love animals and i was curious to see if you had any pets? if so how many and what kinds?

Jessica-cs {public msg} I have two dogs, one horse, two bulls and two pigs. My dad has a ranch. There are 90 horses on the property.

SUE-CS {public msg} wow!!!

MICROSOFT {question presented} Jessica who is your biggest role modle that has inspiered you the most?

Mags-cs {action} announces for anyone arriving late today, we are chatting with the lovely and talented Jessica Bowman from "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" She's our newest CS celeb!

Jessica-cs {public msg} My favorite role model is Jodie Foster.

Mags-cs {public msg} Are you applying to Yale?

Jessica-cs {public msg} No, I applied to Northwestern. I don't hear until April if I got accepted or not. Yale's not the school for me. Not the right town, etc.

Mags-cs {public msg} Chicago rocks :-)

Bandit {question presented} Hi Jessica. Have you every been to New York?

Jessica-cs {public msg} I just went there for Christmas and I had a blast. I love it there. We shopped, ate and went to the theater.

SUE-CS {action} loves New York!!

Diana15 {question presented} Hi i'm 15 and my name is Diana :) i just wanted to say WELCOME to CS we are all REALLY happy you are an officialy new celeb :) thanks 4 comming and i hope you have fun!~Diana

Jessica-cs {public msg} Thank you so much, Diana. It's great to be here.

Crys {question presented} u got any celeb crushes?

Jessica-cs {public msg} Yes. Robert Redford (20 years ago). Or maybe his son if he had an identical son who was 18 or 19!

Mags-cs {action} announces that she and Jessica just put on the "Rent" soundtrack :-)

Randyman {question presented} Do you have any major plans for the summer???

Jessica-cs {public msg} I'm just getting through the fall...I haven't even thought about summer. But I do want to get tan, though. And maybe take a road trip with my friends.

Mags-cs {action} thanks everyone for giving Jessica such a warm welcome to CS today :-)

Podge {question presented} What happened to the original girl on Dr. Quinn?

Jessica-cs {public msg} She decided that she preferred to move on and maybe do film work.

Randyman {question presented} Assuming you get into Northwestern (We're all pullin for ya!!) what is your intended major??

Jessica-cs {public msg} You know about as much as I do. I do know I won't be going to medical school or anything like that, but I would like to do theater on the side.

Diana15 {question presented} Do you have a boyfriend?

Jessica-cs {public msg} No, not right now. Do you?? :-)

Podge {question presented} Hey Jessica is it true that you and JTT were an item??????????

Mags-cs {public msg} LOL Jessica!

Jessica-cs {public msg} I went out to dinner. He's a lot of fun. He's a sweetheart.

Mags-cs {action} thinks everyone probably knows that Jonathan has a serious girlfriend named Nikki now...

Bandit {question presented} Hi Jessica. Why did you decide to join CS?

Mags-cs {public msg} Why? Why NOT? LOL

Jessica-cs {public msg} Because CS is extremely cool and has a lot of the coolest talents out. I wouldn't mind meeting half of them.

SUE-CS {public msg} you're friends with Larisa, right?

Jessica-cs {public msg} Yes, and I just found out that she's thinking about going to Northwestern the following year!

SCHUMACHER {question presented} what is your favorite sport to play and do you play an insterment in a band for school

Jessica-cs {public msg} I don't play an intrument in school, but I love playing the piano. I'm going to start taking lessons soon. Jessica-cs {public msg} I'm not too good at any sports, but I like playing soccer with my brother. And I like fooling around with basketball.

Diana15 {question presented} Who do u listen to as far as music? rap? r&b? alternative?.. i listen to ska & alternitive

Mags-cs {action} announces we are still taking questions for Jessica Bowman, star of Dr. Quinn. Medicine Woman!

Jessica-cs {public msg} Diana, I like rap and ska. And if I'm in the right mood I like listening to classical.

Randyman {question presented} Hey Jessica......Good to see you back again.....So with all of the rain are you able to get out and have fun lately?? If so whatcha been up to?

Jessica-cs {public msg} School gets cancelled if there's too much rain. So all of my friends blast the music and play in the rain.

SUE-CS {public msg} how cool is that!??

Mygirl {question presented} Have you traveled much?? I went to Greece last "magnifique"...Where would you like to go? So far, what is one place you really enjoyed visiting?

Mags-cs {action} reminds everyone to stay on after Jessica's chat for MONDAY NIGHT TRIVIA!!!

Jessica-cs {public msg} I've never been out of the States, so I would to go to Europe...which I'm hopefully doing in May. I'd also like to go somewhere tropical.

Bandit {question presented} Hi Jessica. How is school going? What is your favorite subject?

Jessica-cs {public msg} School is going really well. My favorite subject with have to be Algebra and Geometry.

Mags-cs {action} announces that there is still time to post a question for Jessica Bowman in the auditorim or the skyboxes!!!

Simba1 {question presented} Do you have any brothers or sisters?

Jessica-cs {public msg} I have one sister who is 26. And a step-sister who is 21. And two step-brothers, 25 and 28.

Lynch {question presented} Do you have any other talents other than acting? (singing, dancing, etc.)

Mags-cs {action} remembers that Jessica has done musicals Mags-cs {public msg} Is that right?

Jessica-cs {public msg} I've been taking ballet for a while, and I love dancing around with my friends. But I can't sing for the life of me.

Mags-cs {public msg} LOL - got it.

SUE-CS {public msg} what kind of music do you like to dance to?

Jessica-cs {public msg} As embarassing as this is, I like the Spice Girls. Jessica-cs {public msg} And Biggy Smallz.

Lynch {question presented} How did you get started in acting?

Mags-cs {action} can't wait to do MONDAY NIGHT TRIVIA! It's been too long! :-)

SUE-CS {action} agrees!!!

Jessica-cs {public msg} My babysitter was an actress when I was younger, and so I started doing community theater in San Francisco.

Diana15 {question presented} what kind of shoes are your fav? platforms? sneakers?

Jessica-cs {public msg} Actually, right now I'm wearing platform sneakers.

SUE-CS {public msg} what about fashion? who are your favorite designers?

Jessica-cs {public msg} Ralph Lauren, Prada, Gucci, etc.

Mags-cs {action} swoons at the sight of Prada

Supergrrl {question presented} What are your favorite accomplishments and why? What is the best play or musical you have ever seen?

Jessica-cs {public msg} I really like the play, Rent. And I liked Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Spottedeagle {question presented} What's your favorite color. You're awesome if you like green!

Mags-cs {public msg} No pressure there! "Uh... green!"

Jessica-cs {public msg} Well, I'm wearing a green sweater right now if that counts. As far as colors I like to wear, I love black and navy blue.

Lynch {question presented} How long did it take you to really "make it" in acting?

Jessica-cs {public msg} The first commercial audtion I had in L.A., I that was a really good start... Jessica-cs {public msg} But the first long-running series I got was the Road Home, which is probably the first thing that was like making it.

SUE-CS {action} announces we have time for about one more question...then jessica will head in to the chat lounge to hang for a few!!!

Randyman {question presented} Ok, ok, if you hang with you share her love of ska bands, music, concerts etc???

Jessica-cs {public msg} Oh, yeah. I went to a ska concert because my friend's band was playing at the Whisky....and the band wrote a song about me, so when they played it I danced on the stage.

SUE-CS {public msg} that is sooo cool!!! SUE-CS {public msg} ok Jessica how about heading in tot eh chat lounge to say hi for a few?

Mags-cs {action} wonders about Sue's cryptic message...

Jessica-cs {public msg} Let's go, Sue!

SUE-CS {action} thanks Jessica for chatting with us today!!!

Mags-cs {public msg} Jessica - thanks so much for chatting today! We're delighted to have you on CS! :-)

Jessica-cs {public msg} Thank you for having me. I'll see you in the Chat Lounge.