15:30:16 sue-cs {action} announces our special celeb chat today is with JESSICA BOWMAN at 4PM (PST)! You can start posting your questions now!!

15:30:39 sue-cs {action} explains how to post questions for Jessica: click on the yellow map icon, go to an auditorium or a skybox, type /ask, then your question.

15:31:49 sue-cs {action} welcomes all guests to CS-- if you need help or have any questions, click on "Bazza's chat tips" near the top of your screen!

15:43:50 sue-cs {action} announces how the chat will be held today with Jessica: she will hang out in the PREMIUM MEMBERS LOUNGE and chat for awhile, before heading to the virtual stage to answer posted questions! If you're a premium member, you'll be able to chat live with Jessica!!

15:59:27 mags-cs {public msg} Good afternoon everyone, and welcome to today's live chat with Jessica Bowman!!!

15:59:35 mags-cs {public msg} Jessica will be logging on momentarily 16:01:04 mags-cs {action} says that Jessica is best known as Colleen Cooper on "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman!!"

16:03:36 mags-cs {action} reminds you that both members and guests can post questions for Jessica!

16:08:19 mags-cs {action} announces that Jessica is now in the Premium Member's area meeting and greeting members! She'll be moving on to the stage in just a few minutes to take moderated questions!

16:11:00 mags-cs {action} reminds you that you can follow Jessica's Q & A from anywhere in chat!

16:11:57 mags-cs {action} is back with yet another update! ;-) Jessica is on her way to Stage One to answer moderated questions from you guys!!

16:12:17 mags-cs {public msg} PS - neither premium members nor guests can get into stage one!!

16:12:26 jessica-cs {public msg} Hey!

16:12:30 mags-cs {public msg} Hey Jessica!! Welcome back to Celebrity Sightings!!

16:12:33 jessica-cs {public msg} Thanks!

16:12:34 mags-cs {action} gives Jess a big hug

16:13:02 jessica-cs {action: } beams. 16:13:15 jessica-cs {action: } blushes in embarassment.

16:13:26 mags-cs {public msg} Jessica, we have tons of great questions, so let's get right to 'em!!

16:13:51 quietbear {question presented} Hi ya Jessica! Welcome Back to Celebrity Sightings! Anyways, how's your summer going? how are you staying cool?

16:14:48 jessica-cs {public msg} I'm having a great summer, thank you. I live on the beach, so it's easy to stay cool, with the sea breeze.

16:15:02 camlyn {question presented} What magazines do you read?

16:15:50 mags-cs {action} explains the deal for today: Jessica will begin in the Premium Members' chat lounge, then will head to stage on to take moderated questions. (both members and guests can post them!) After that, she will return to the premium member's area for trivia!

16:15:50 jessica-cs {public msg} In Style, I love that magazine! Allure, Vogue, and occasionally Seventeen!

16:16:09 arachnid {question presented} Do you have a BF or are you dating at the moment?

16:16:15 mags-cs {action} would love to post a question from a GUEST!! (hint!)

16:17:06 jessica-cs {public msg} No, I don't have a boyfriend right now...

16:17:21 candace83 {question presented} What are your favorite restraunts to eat at?

16:17:22 mags-cs {action} thinks Jessica's fans are intriuged...

16:19:21 jessica-cs {public msg} I love Le Dome, Giorgio's in Malibu --President Clinton ate there when he was in town. I'm not a sushi fan, but I love the atmosphere of sushi bars, and I love the teriyaki chicken!

16:19:36 ape13 {question presented} Do you sing or play an instrument

16:20:16 jessica-cs {public msg} I do like to play piano, but I don't sing

16:20:23 i_love_bazza {question presented} If you could visit anyplace in the world(it can be anyplace like a different planet, state or country), where would you like to go and why?

16:22:10 jessica-cs {public msg} I would love to travel to Europe, I've never been overseas; Definitely Italy would be on the top of my list!

16:22:16 schenna {question presented} Jessica,what is it like to be a teen actress??

16:22:57 jessica-cs {public msg} It's a lot of fun, right now there's a lot of movies out with teen actors, which is inspiring as well as a good opportunity!

16:23:10 sue-cs {action} welcomes all premium members and guests to our special celeb chat with Jessica Bowman!! Both premium and guests can post your questions now!!

16:23:17 ttfn663 {question presented} Jessica, where's your fave place to vacation?

16:25:34 jessica-cs {public msg} I love tropical islands! I would love to go to the Cayman Islands, or Kona. I've only been to Hawaii once, but I wouldn't mind going back

16:25:43 guest258 {question presented} What is you're most important piece of advice to getting into the entertainment industry in general?

16:27:14 mags-cs {action} says we're aware that peeps in the premium member chat lounge are having trouble seeing this - we're working on it! In the mean time, please watch from one of the other rooms in chat! Thanks!

16:27:25 jessica-cs {public msg} When I was younger my mom sent pictures of me to a lot of the agents in town, and those that called back set appointments, and I joined one of the agencies. Getting with an agent is the best way to start auditioning and meeting casting directors.

16:27:41 randyman {question presented} Do you ever get invited to movie premieres? And if so what have you been to?

16:27:51 momoney-cs {action} welcomes all new visitors to Celebrity Sightings

16:29:43 jessica-cs {public msg} The last movie premiere I went to was Chasing Amy, I went with one of my friends! 16:30:03 jessica-cs {public msg} I liked the Truman Show.

16:29:49 june-rose {question presented} Is it wierd to see yourself on TV?

16:30:55 jessica-cs {public msg} Every morning when I wake up, Dr. Q is on! I usually watch for five minutes before I turn it off!

16:31:00 mags-cs {action} thanks you all for the many great questions for Jessica!!

16:31:03 guest262 {question presented} whoa I love dis place. If you could date any one in the whoile wide world who would you want to date and why?

16:32:03 mags-cs {action} says Jessica will be giving away prizes in TRIVIA after today's chat!

16:32:39 jessica-cs {public msg} I wouldn't pick an actor that I've never met before, because I'm very picky, but I have a crush on a guy who lives in a town near me, but he has a girlfriend who he is very much in love with!

16:33:09 candace83 {question presented} What is a normal day for you like

16:34:27 momoney-cs {public msg} the premium members chat lounge has now been fixed

16:35:04 mags-cs {action} smiles at Premium Members AND guests :)

16:36:05 jessica-cs {public msg} My friends wake me up at eight o'clock and we have our coffee, and then they go to summer school; I hop in the shower and get ready for the day. A friend and I will go out to lunch, go shopping, and run errands together. Then I usually have to go into the city for appointments, or meetings. Then I'll go back to my town, meet a bunch of friends, and just get ready to go out, to a party, or just hang out, go to the beach, etc.

16:36:18 ttfn663 {question presented} What's your fave movie and did you see any movies recently? Thanx 4 coming!

16:36:54 jessica-cs {public msg} I really like the movie Awakenings, and I recently saw that again on tv.

16:37:17 jessica-cs {public msg} The last movie I saw was the Truman Show, and I really liked that because I thought it was original. 16:37:28 jessica-cs {public msg} Awakenings is so good. It's such a sad movie!

16:37:39 mags-cs {action} likes that movie too

16:37:52 i_love_bazza {question presented} What is your most favorite kind of food, also what food do you hate the most?

16:38:41 jessica-cs {public msg} Frozen yougart, and nectarines, diet coke, and licorice! 16:38:47 jessica-cs {public msg} I like sugar! 16:39:14 jessica-cs {public msg} I despise zucchini, I don't eat red meat; I've never cared for it 16:39:22 jessica-cs {public msg} Anything really rich I don't like.

16:40:20 candace83 {question presented} Do you have any brothers or sisters? If so are they into acting

16:41:10 jessica-cs {public msg} I have one sister who is 26, and two brothers and one step sister all over 20 16:41:54 jessica-cs {public msg} None of them are into acting. Soccer players, college student, and school counselor, and health administrator

16:42:06 ape13 {question presented} Do you do any charity work, what kind?

16:42:48 jessica-cs {public msg} I do the Audrey Hepburn Foundation. They do benefits to raise money. 16:42:57 jessica-cs {public msg} Also the Tuberculosis Foundation

16:43:13 mags-cs {action} says we have time for just a few more questions for Jessica... ands then she's off to give away prizes in trivia!!

16:43:26 arachnid {question presented} Hey Jessica! Ya look great! I waass wondering how old are ya?

16:44:18 jessica-cs {public msg} I've seventeen years old, and thank you!

16:44:23 mags-cs {action} sez thanks for all these awesome questions for Miss Jessica Bowman! :)

16:44:32 MortyR {question presented} A lot of celebs are doing Indie Movies, ever thought of doing one? Or ever get any offers from Indie makers?

16:45:13 jessica-cs {public msg} I have an independent movie called "Breakfast with Einstein" coming out soon

16:45:59 mags-cs {action} promises to keep CS people posted on when they can see it!

16:46:31 sue-cs {action} announes sadly that we only have one more question and then its off to TRIVIA!!!

16:46:40 quietbear {question presented} hi ya Jessica! WB! how do you like the new look of cs? :) ~jessi

16:47:10 jessica-cs {public msg} It's so cool! The new look of CS ROCKS!!!!

16:47:24 sue-cs {public msg} WEll thanks Jess!!! :)

16:47:29 mags-cs {action} smiles and tries to look modest

16:47:44 sue-cs {public msg} OK now its time for TRIVIA Jessiac would you like to join us? :) 16:48:09 sue-cs {action} asks all PREMIUM MEMBERS to join us in the TRIVIA LOUNGE!

16:48:18 jessica-cs {public msg} Yeah!

16:48:36 mags-cs {public msg} Jessica, thank you so much for coming today!

16:48:51 mags-cs {public msg} It was a pleasure chatting with you as always!!

16:49:02 sue-cs {public msg} Jessica thanks a lot! Lets go to trivia!!

16:49:05 jessica-cs {public msg} No problem! it was my pleasure! You guys are the best!

16:49:21 sue-cs {action} announces only PREMIUM MEMBERS can play trivia in the TRIVIA LOUNGE!!!

16:49:27 mags-cs {action} sez this concludes the moderated part of our live chat with Dr. Quinn star Jessica Bowman!!

16:49:27 sue-cs {public msg} Lets go!!! :)

16:49:36 jessica-cs {public msg} Trivia! Let's go!

16:50:06 mags-cs {public msg} Jessica will now be joining premium members for prizes and trivia in the monday night trivia lounge.