Monkybutt-cs says, "Welcome everyone! The auditorium is open if you would like to ask Jessica Bowman a question!"

Monkybutt-cs says, "Welcome Jessica!"

Monkybutt-cs says, "Today we'll be chatting with Jessica Bowman. To ask Jessica a question, go to the Auditorium and type ask/ followed by your question"

Monkybutt-cs says, "Welcome Jessica!"

Jessica-cs says, "hello"

Chatmc says, "Hello Jessica!! Glad to have you here at CS!!"

Monkybutt-cs says, "Glad you made it over to CS! There are tons of questions coming in!"

Jessica-cs says, "Its wonderful to be here - Thank you"

Monkybutt-cs says, "Are you ready to start?"

Jessica-cs says, "Ready as I ll ever be : )"

Monkybutt-cs says, "Okay dokay artichoky! lets go!"

Chatmc presents question #4 from Kidskits: how old are you and how did you start acting? where is your hometown?

Jessica-cs says, "Im 16 years old, when I was 11 I started a childerens community theatre program in Walnut Creek California"

Chatmc presents question #15 from Jntluvsjtt: Hello!!! I really like your name, mainly cause its mine too... Whats your fave cereal?

Jessica-cs says, "Ummm Kelloggs Frosted Flakes...yummmmm"

Chatmc presents question #31 from Amyr: When you go on vacation what is your favorite place to visit?

Jessica-cs says, "Well, I havent ever been yet but I would love to go to Hawaii....."

Chatmc presents question #20 from Coca83: Do you enjoy your TV show and do you ever plan on doing a movie?

Jessica-cs says, "I love doing the Tv show and ask me again tomorrow about the movie. I should find out tomorrow....cross your fingers for me : )"

Chatmc presents question #8 from Kissfm: hey!! Thanks for coming- What kind of music do you listen to??

Monkybutt-cs says, "We all are crossing our fingers and toes for you Jessica!"

Jessica-cs says, "Ok here is what I have in my car right now....3 Sublime CDs Dave Mathews Band and the Verve Pipe!"

Chatmc presents question #33 from Kidskits: what advice would you give a kid who wants to act professionaly?

Jessica-cs says, "and IM GOING TO GET the soundtrack from the saint"

Jessica-cs says, "Umm.. send photos to the agents around your town, then start doing some school or community plays to make sure that you really like it"

Chatmc presents question #14 from Paul: How can we contact you? Do you have e-mail?

Jessica-cs says, "The best way is to write to CBS Entertainment in LA c/o Jessica Bowman-but I am embarrassed to say I say I dont have email


Jessica-cs says, "I am just about to enroll in a compter class : )"

Jessica-cs laughs at Chatmc.

Chatmc presents question #25 from Amyr: If there was a big fire in your house and you could only save 3 things what 3 things would you save?

Jessica-cs swirls Monkybutt-cs around the room, dancing.

Monkybutt-cs says, "i guess you gotta learn how to use a computer some time, huh?"

Chatmc laughs at Jessica-cs.

Jessica-cs says, "Ok well Amy I would start with some family photos, I would all the clothes I could get and then I would save my jewelry passed down from my grandma"

Jessica-cs says, "I was in the Malibu fires and it was horrible..."

Chatmc presents question #13 from Melissa: Hi Jessica! Welcome to CS! Hope you enjoy your time here and come back again.

Jessica-cs smiles at Melissa

Jessica-cs says, "awww thats so sweet"

Chatmc presents question #56 from Amyr: Do you have a boyfriend? If so what is his name?

Jessica-cs says, "well actually I dont have a boyfriend right now....I am looking for a summer love ; )"

Monkybutt-cs says, "oooohhhhhhh, really????"

Jessica-cs blushes

Chatmc presents question #10 from Carl16: Jessica, Do you have any pets? I have 2 dogs.

Jessica-cs says, "Oh I have 2 dogs as well, their names are Chloe and sofia they are an Australian Shepherd and a Sheltie"

Monkybutt-cs says, "woof woof!"

Chatmc presents question #67 from Kenobi1: Did anyone inspire you to start acting? If so, who?

Jessica-cs says, " Well Audrey Hepburn was the one who inspired me first.. I saw her in Breakfast in Tiffanys...she was gracious, beatiful and a very special woman"

Chatmc presents question #66 from Kidskits: do you have any siblings?

Jessica-cs says, "Yes actually I sister is 25...she just got married, and 2 step brothers and a step sister all in their 20' I am the baby !"

Monkybutt-cs says, "i bet you get all of the attention!"

Jessica-cs says, "Exactly ( grin)"

Chatmc presents question #69 from Randyman: Hey Jessica...Wow Walnut Creek!!!!! Thats sooooo cool!!!! I'm from Danville do u know where that is????

Jessica-cs says, "Of course I do...Daisys Yogurt right?"

Jessica-cs says, "My orthodontist is in Danville too"

Chatmc presents question #73 from Kidskits: what is your favorite color? food? tv show? movie?

Jessica-cs says, "Wow!!! Thats hard"

Jessica-cs says, "I love lots of different colors, today I am wearing Lilac and white,foods I love Frozen Yogurt and watermelon but not both together"

Monkybutt-cs says, "Yeah, thats a lot of answers all wrapped up into one"

Jessica-cs says, "Im a liitle partial to Dr Quinn of course but I also like ER,"

Jessica-cs says, "As far as Movies go...this year I LOVED Dead Man Walking and Breakfast at Tiffanys"

Chatmc presents question #79 from Amyr: Do you believe in aliens? What would you do if you ever get abducted by an alien?

Jessica-cs says, "Ok well I believe in life on other planets definately...if I got abducted I would be really scared at first but , I would try to learn all about them so I could educate people on earth about life on other Planets"

Chatmc says, "Now here is a pretty tuff question...."

Chatmc presents question #82 from Jttluvr: if you could change anything or things in the environment.....what would it be?

Jessica-cs says, "Oh my......that is real hard...I would hope that people would start to show more and mutual respect for the rainforest and all natural resources and"

Jessica-cs says, "people should love their planet and stop trashing it"

Monkybutt-cs agees with Jessica!

Jessica-cs says, "What would you do JTTluvr"

Chatmc presents question #116 from Kidskits: do you have a celebrity crush?

Jessica-cs says, "Yes I do.......I have a crush on a 18 year old Robert Redford...hes a rugged all american boy!"

Chatmc says, "Hey Monkey what about you?????"

Monkybutt-cs says, "celebrity crush? me?"

Monkybutt-cs says, "i like 'em all!!"

Jessica-cs says, "I like Johney Depp and Sean Connery too ( grin)"

Monkybutt-cs says, "young and old, huh?"

Jessica-cs says, "( grin) I like the younger versions of them.....I am NOT into older men ( grin)"

Chatmc presents question #53 from Coca83: Who is your role model, and why???

Monkybutt-cs says, "ooohhhh, so it only applies to the younger version? i get it!"

Jessica-cs says, "hmmm Audrey Hepburn and Meryl Streep and Jodie Foster...I love the way they have built their careers, they are so versatile in their choice of roles"

Chatmc presents question #60 from Koala: what store do u shop at the most, what's your favorite one?

Jessica-cs says, "that easy...Ralph Lauren Polo Sport, I go to little boutiques like Theodores in LA"

Jessica-cs says, "I like DKNY, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Versace... but that doesnt mean I can always afford them"

Chatmc presents question #100 from Amyr: Do you like school? What grade are you in? Have you planned where you want to go to college?

Jessica-cs says, "I LOVE school oin fact I really miss it in the wierd is that? I was a senior last year and I graduate in far"

Jessica-cs says, " as college goes, I dont want to leave home right away, I will take a University of Berkely correspondance course first"

Chatmc presents the speakers with question #123 from Nagrom7: What is your middle name?

Jessica-cs says, "My middle name is Robyn with a Y. I was names after Christopher Robin from Winnie the Pooh!"

Chatmc says, "Very cute!!!"

Chatmc presents question #122 from Jntluvsjtt: Do you like astrology?

Jessica-cs says, " I do like astrology and I do read my horoscope but Ive have never read any scientific evidence that proves it"

Jessica-cs says, " I do find it interesting I am a sagitarius"

Chatmc presents question #127 from Sphinx: /ask what are your future plans when the show ends?

Monkybutt-cs says, "not a sagitarius!?"

Jessica-cs says, "Well I would like to go to college and then do films in the summer months or on winter vacations"

Jessica-cs says, "But the show isnt finishing any time soon ( I hope)"

Chatmc presents question #132 from Star_angel: If you could have breakfast with someone, living or deceased, who would it be?

Jessica-cs says, "ooooooh If I was I was to go out to breakfast I would probably go with Albert Einstein....ans actually we would stay in and I would make him Breakfast! It would be a buffet table!"

Chatmc says, "I would have breakfast with Bazza-cs!!!!! hehehehe!!!!"

Jessica-cs says, "Turkey sausage, bacon , furits and french toast and waffles and juice....YUMM its my favorite mael"

Chatmc presents question #121 from Coca83: what do you plan on doing during your hiatus?

Jessica-cs says, "I should hopefully hear about a movie that I auditioned for...and its looking positive right now...otherwise I am going to Hawaii with a girlfriend"

Jessica-cs says, " My father just bought a ranch in California so I will be hanging out there"

Chatmc says, "Sounds like fun!!!!!"

Monkybutt-cs says, "sounds great! can i come?"

Chatmc presents question #44 from Amyr: Do you like to read? What is your favorite book?

Jessica-cs says, "My favorite book was Ask Alice : Its a diary of a 15 year old American girl...its really cool"

Jessica-cs says, "I also like The Gift and Scruples...( one of those cheesy airplane book)

Chatmc presents question #119 from Kidskits: what is your biggest wish?

Jessica-cs says, "Right now I am reading Camden Summer but I am only on page 30"

Jessica-cs says, "I would wish for all my loved ones to suceed in their happiness and in their dreams"

Jessica-cs says, "Cheesy but true"

Chatmc presents question #89 from Paul: ever meet Danielle Fishel or Christine Lakin?

Jessica-cs says, "Yes I have I have met them both. I did an episode of BMW- and I just saw Christine Tuesday at a CBS party"

Jessica-cs says, " They are both really nice people"

Jessica-cs says, "I will also be seeing them on July 28th when we all chat"

Chatmc presents question #41 from Amyr: If you could dye your hair any color what color whould it be and why?

Jessica-cs says, "hmmmm If I was to do anything I would put blond highlights but my hair is such an unusual color I try not to play with it too much- no one ever believes its my real color"

Monkybutt-cs says, "what color would describe your hair as jessica?"

Jessica-cs says, "I would say auburn -red, strawberry blonde and chestnut brown"

Monkybutt-cs says, "We'll take one more question and then pop into the lounge."

Jessica-cs says, "cool"

Chatmc presents question #137 from Paul: I read that the earth will end in the year 2000 (gulp) do u believe this?

Monkybutt-cs says, "yikes! I hope not!"

Jessica-cs says, "Oh my gosh! I agree with Monkeybutt........ I hope it doesnt cos I havent met Mr Wonderful yet : )"

Monkybutt-cs says, "Well theres still time!"

Monkybutt-cs says, "But lets hope not anyway!"

Jessica-cs says, "true"

Monkybutt-cs says, "Thanks for coming by Jessica, we all enjoyed your visit very much."

Chatmc says, "Thanks Jessica for chatting with us today!!! It was great!!!"

Monkybutt-cs says, "And I'm sure our members are just dying to chat with you in the lounge."

Jessica-cs says, "I had a wonderful time thanks for the invite : )"

Monkybutt-cs says, "Jessica, come by anytime!"

Chatmc says, "You are very welcome!!!!!"

Jessica-cs says, "great Im ready to go"

Monkybutt-cs says, "We'll give you keys!"

Jessica-cs says, "thanks everyone"

Chatmc says, "see ya there."

Monkybutt-cs says, "OK, lets pop into the lounge."

Monkybutt-cs leaves, heading for chat lounge.

Jessica-cs leaves.

Chatmc leaves.