16:12:18 Mags-cs {public msg} Hey Jessica!! Welcome back to CS!

16:12:35 Mags-cs {public msg} I hear you are jetting off to Hawaii tomorrow!!

16:13:13 Jessica-cs {public msg} I'm leaving tomorrow morning, I'm going with my best friend, it's a graduation present from my parents

16:13:16 Mags-cs {public msg} That's going to rock - what a s weet present. Do you have anything planned besides beach time?

16:13:48 Jessica-cs {public msg} I want to go hiking

16:13:56 Mags-cs {public msg} Cool - well, we've got tons of questions pouring in here,so let's get started...

16:14:17 Star_angel {question presented} You are so lucky to have met Adrian R'Mante...he is so cute and funny....were you nervous when he interviewed you?

16:14:34 Mags-cs {action} thinks Star Angel has a bit of a crush on Adrian

16:14:40 Jessica-cs {public msg} He was really adorable and nice, too.

16:14:47 KEVENS {question presented} If CBS doesn't renew Dr. Quinn, what are your future plans?

16:16:08 Jessica-cs {public msg} I want to continue working in this business, balance it with college, and fun!

16:16:18 Mags-cs {public msg} Sounds like a plan :)

16:16:22 SPACE_BOY {question presented} what are thing 3 things you would like to change about yourself?

16:16:31 Mags-cs {public msg} Wow - three

16:18:06 Mags-cs {action} smiles at Baz

16:18:11 Jessica-cs {public msg} I would like to be more open to change

16:18:37 Mags-cs {public msg} That's a good one Jessica

16:19:34 Jessica-cs {public msg} I would like to be a little bit taller, and little more athletic

16:19:34 KEVENS {question presented} Hey Jessica!! I am your biggest fan! Couls you send me an autographed pic?? That would make me verrrry happy! :-) I was wondering...Do you have a Boyfriend?

16:20:06 Jessica-cs {public msg} I'm being told that you have to win the picture

16:20:27 Mags-cs {public msg} But they're definitely coming soon!

16:20:35 Bazza-cs {public msg} Today we are cahtting with Jessica Bowman from Baywatch and Dr Quinn Medicine Woman ( among other things) . She wont be chatting for another month post your questions now.

16:20:50 Star_angel {question presented} What music do u like??

16:22:18 Jessica-cs {public msg} I like the Bullworth soundtrack, and Busta Rhymes, and Sarah Mclachlan when I'm in a mellow mood

16:22:24 Randyman {question presented} JESSICA!!!!!!!! WooHoo!!!!! If you had one free day to spend in LA what would you do and where would you go????

16:23:29 Jessica-cs {public msg} I would get ten of my closest friends and spend the day at the beach, have a barbeque, and sleep on the beach that night if it's not too cold. And no interruptions!

16:23:52 Mags-cs {public msg} Cool Jess :)

16:23:56 Andy {question presented} what is your middle name? By the way I think you are sooo cute. wanna send me a picture?

16:23:57 Bazza-cs {action} . o O ( I bet Randyman approves )

16:24:23 Mags-cs {public msg} This picture thing is a common these today!

16:24:48 Jessica-cs {public msg} Thank you! My middle name is Robyn!

16:24:55 SPACE_BOY {question presented} whats the worst pick up line anyone has ever said to

16:24:57 Bazza-cs {public msg} ahhh like the singer

16:26:42 Mags-cs {public msg} This is a good story guys, it just takes a minute or two to type!

16:27:51 Jessica-cs {public msg} A guy walked up to me at a party and asked me if he could talk to me alone. Then he handed me a typed piece of paper with the saying " I am the strong silent type. If you have any interest in becoming my girlfriend tonight, smile and say yes. If not, please hand back the card."

16:28:19 Mags-cs {public msg} Oh my gosh! That definitely takes s ome um.. nerve!

16:28:33 Mags-cs {public msg} I'm guessing you handed back that card?

16:28:40 Bazza-cs {action} cracks up laughing 16:28:47 Bazza-cs {public msg} well its a guy thing!!!!!! 16:28:54 Bazza-cs {action} falls off his chair

16:28:58 Mags-cs {public msg} Whatever Baz - it's called "what not to do"

16:28:59 Jessica-cs {public msg} Yes, I politely handed back the card, and got to the other side of the room immediately

16:29:04 Bazza-cs {public msg} did you slap him?

16:29:06 Mags-cs {action} laughs

16:29:16 Jessica-cs {public msg} I didn't slap him, that's a bit harsh

16:29:20 Mags-cs {public msg} No need for violence - just a polite dis

16:29:21 Bazza-cs {action} remembers NOT to use THAT one

16:29:25 KOALA {question presented} If there were no rules w hat is one thing you would do?

16:31:01 Mags-cs {public msg} Great questions so far guys - keep 'em coming!

16:31:04 Jessica-cs {public msg} Neiman Marcus would be my closet, and everything would be fitted to my size, and all my friends could borrow clothes whenever they want, and there's a restaurant inside NM, I wouldn't have to worry about anything!

16:31:18 Mags-cs {action} thinks that sounds glorious

16:31:27 Krieger {question presented} Hi Jessica, Will you marry me? just checkin. :) What T.V. shows do you watch?

16:32:53 Jessica-cs {public msg} I like Ally McBeal; I really don't watch TV that much

16:32:57 SPACE_BOY {question presented} is there nythig you are afarid of? Spider, snakes, space_boys?

16:33:08 Jessica-cs {public msg} SNAKES!

16:33:12 Mags-cs {public msg} snakes are hideous

16:33:16 Jessica-cs {public msg} Snakes kill me

16:33:26 Clnumba1fan {question presented} Hi Jessica, I was just wondering how you pronounce your last name. Is the "o" long as in bow tie or short as in bow to bend at the waist?

16:33:58 Jessica-cs {public msg} Bowtie

16:34:18 Mags-cs {public msg} Like the pasta

16:34:21 KOALA {question presented} what's your theory on why ginger spice left the spice girls?

16:34:42 Mags-cs {public msg} The BIG question

16:35:25 Jessica-cs {public msg} Well, I heard that she had a fight with one of the other spice girls, a really big fight.

16:35:34 Mags-cs {action} heard that too

16:35:38 Star_angel {question presented} Who did u play on baywatch?? Are you still friends with the cast?? Jose is cute on there

16:36:02 Bazza-cs {action} auditioned for Baywatch once.....but could fit in the swim suits

16:36:09 Bazza-cs {public msg} couldnt

16:36:13 Mags-cs {action} laughs

16:37:17 Jessica-cs {public msg} I played a young Romeo and Juliet version, I was a guest character, and we weren't allowed to be together, and so attempted suicide in the water; and David H. saved us

16:37:19 Bazza-cs {public msg} Just a few more minutes to post your questions guys - Jessica is off tomorrow for Hawaii - maybe she will send us a postcard?

16:37:34 Mags-cs {public msg} Cool - a damsel in distress

16:37:36 Andy {question presented} who do you think is the cutest male celeb on CS?

16:38:04 Jessica-cs {public msg} They're all adorable!

16:38:17 Mags-cs {public msg} Very tactful Jess :)

16:38:20 I_LOVE_BAZZA {question presented} Do you know how old Bazza is? hehe

16:39:11 Jessica-cs {public msg} At least 100!

16:39:17 Mags-cs {action} laughs

16:39:19 Bazza-cs {public msg} yeah yeah.....

16:39:26 Violetr {question presented} Is your hair dyed or natural? what is you favorit make-up?

16:39:30 Bazza-cs {public msg} /me smiles in a mysterious way

16:39:38 Mags-cs {action} changes the subject sweetly

16:40:03 Jessica-cs {public msg} It's natural, and I love fun makeup, fun eyeshadows, like Trish McEvoy

16:40:12 Randyman {question presented} How is the "Save Dr. Quinn" campaign going?? Are you a supporter of it???

16:43:20 Jessica-cs {public msg} The fans are making such a difference, with all their support

16:43:22 Mags-cs {action} announces that we only have time for a few more questions before trivia!!!

16:43:24 I_LOVE_BAZZA {question presented} What is your favorite kind of food, also what food do you hate the most?

16:44:02 Jessica-cs {public msg} I hate zucchini, I love frozen yougart, and Diet coke with lemonade

16:44:14 Star_angel {question presented} Has your best friend ever got mad at you cuz you got a guy both of u wanted? Mine did she called my mom and busted me

16:45:19 Mags-cs {action} listens

16:45:33 Jessica-cs {public msg} Well actually, I got disappointed because my friend got the guy that we both wanted

16:45:56 Mags-cs {public msg} oooooooohhhhhhh

16:46:07 Violetr {question presented} hi Jessica - thank for coming to chat. If you werent n actress what do you think you would do? I want to be a waitress

16:46:23 Jessica-cs {public msg} I would be a lawyer

16:46:35 Mags-cs {action} thinks the defense rests

16:46:56 Star_angel {question presented} What would you do if you had 24 hours to live??

16:47:05 Mags-cs {public msg} Good question Ali

16:48:25 Mags-cs {action} thanks everyone for all the super-cool questions today :)

16:48:47 Mags-cs {public msg} Hang on guys, Jess is thinking carefully about this one !

16:49:03 Jessica-cs {public msg} That's a tough one, I'll have to get back to you on that one, what would you do?

16:49:20 Mags-cs {public msg} Ooh, you do have an attorney's mind!

16:49:30 Mags-cs {public msg} Answering questions with questions and all :)

16:49:41 Mags-cs {public msg} Jess, thanks so much for chatting with us today!

16:50:31 Jessica-cs {public msg} Thank you everyone, it was great talking to all of you, see you next month!

16:52:00 Mags-cs {public msg} Cool - trivia in the chat lounge! 16:52:06 Mags-cs {public msg} Thanks again Jess :)

16:52:13 Jessica-cs {public msg} thanks!