16:19:58 SUE-CS {action} welcomes Jessica back to CS!!!

16:20:09 Jessica-cs {public msg} hello

16:20:24 SUE-CS {public msg} How was your day today? Did you have school?

16:20:54 Jessica-cs {public msg} i went to school today, then I went over to a friend's house

16:21:26 Simba1 {question presented} Hey Jessica! Welcome back to CS! What's your favorite movie?? Thanx! :)

16:21:55 Jessica-cs {public msg} the most recent movie that I've really liked is As Good As It Gets. 16:22:24 Jessica-cs {public msg} I loved Sliding Doors, too.

16:22:30 SUNFLW3557 {question presented} are you upset that Dr Quinn isnt coming back on the air next season? If it was going to come back on , what would your character be doing?

16:23:20 Jessica-cs {public msg} just experiencing married life for the first time, and medical college

16:23:35 Bandit {question presented} Hi Jessica. Welcome Back to CS. CBS is out of their mind for cancelling Dr Quinn. Are you planning on auditioning for another part on TV or will you concentrate on doing movies now?

16:24:06 Mags-cs {action} explains how to get to the auditorium or the skyboxes: Click on the yellow icon at the top of your screen for a site map!

16:24:25 SUE-CS {action} reminds everyone to post their questions for Jessica and Dr. Drew by going to a skybox! :)

16:24:38 Jessica-cs {public msg} right now I'm concentrating on graduating high school, and this summer I'll concentrate on other parts

16:24:50 WILDONEBLB {question presented} Hey Jessica! I'm going into acting and i was wondering if you have any tips you can give me? Thanx

16:26:07 Jessica-cs {public msg} start doing community theater around your home

16:26:35 SUE-CS {public msg} and that will give you some of the experience you'll need, right?

16:26:51 SUNFLW3557 {question presented} when do you get out of school and what grade will you be in next year???

16:26:53 Jessica-cs {public msg} right, sue 16:27:17 Jessica-cs {public msg} I'm graduating early, so I will be the age of a senior, but I will be out of school

16:27:43 SUE-CS {public msg} Jessica's the valedictorian of her class!! :) Congrats!

16:27:52 Jessica-cs {public msg} thank you!

16:27:53 Randyman {question presented} Hey Jessica....How was it doing the marriage scene on Dr. Quinn??? Was it strange or just another scene for ya?? :-)

16:27:58 Mags-cs {public msg} Smart girl that she is :)

16:28:18 Jessica-cs {public msg} it was really strange because the actual exchange of vows was very realistic

16:28:45 SUE-CS {public msg} wouldn't that be funny if you were actually married?! (just kidding!)

16:29:12 Jessica-cs {public msg} that would be very strange

16:29:15 ARISSA {question presented} have you ever gone out with any famous guys? Andrew, JTT, etc.

16:29:44 Randyman {question presented} Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

16:31:42 Jessica-cs {public msg} I would love to be at my last year of school at Columbia with a great apartment in NYC 16:31:56 Jessica-cs {public msg} and an established career

16:32:07 I_LOVE_BAZZA {question presented} If you could be in any movie with any actor or actress, who would you most like to work with and why?

16:32:43 Jessica-cs {public msg} Jodie Foster and Helen Hunt, and I think Jack Nicholson is really hot; and a great actor!

16:32:54 Bball {question presented} how much time do you spend online aday?

16:34:13 Jessica-cs {public msg} I'm working on getting a new computer for my house

16:34:30 I_LOVE_BAZZA {question presented} Hi Jessica!!! How are you doing? So, what have you been up to lately? Have you been working on any new movies or tv shows?

16:35:36 Jessica-cs {public msg} I just finished a movie in Canada a month ago, that will probably be out this fall on NBC, called "Someone to Love Me."

16:35:56 SUE-CS {action} can't wait to see it.

16:36:01 Randyman {question presented} Do you ever long for those days just hangin around the Walnut Creek area or are you happy about where you are now?

16:36:37 Jessica-cs {public msg} i was just in Walnut Creek this weekend visiting my friend 16:36:51 Jessica-cs {public msg} doing a little shopping at Nordstom's, and downtown

16:37:03 SUNFLW3557 {question presented} have you seen titanic yet? if you saw it, what did you think of it??

16:38:39 Jessica-cs {public msg} yes, I've seen Titanic, and I thought the cinematography was beautiful, and the Titanic history was interesting, but I don't go for love stories

16:38:49 Snowbunny {question presented} Do you enjoy Nature Sports.. Ie Hiking, Kayaking, Camping

16:40:59 Jessica-cs {public msg} i love camping, hiking, I've never been kayaking, but I've been river rafting

16:41:04 Bazza-cs {question presented} what wierd invention would make your life easier?

16:41:15 Mags-cs {action} says check out pics of Jessica hiking in 17!

16:41:17 SUE-CS {public msg} Good one Bazza! :)

16:42:24 ARISSA {question presented} What are your favorite bands/cds?

16:43:48 Jessica-cs {public msg} Busta-rhymes, wyclef-jean, soundtrack to Bullworth

16:43:56 Koala {question presented} /ask What do you want out of career? Do you want to go on to produce or are you just doing it for fun right now?

16:43:58 Mags-cs {action} says thanks for all the great Jessica questions!

16:45:35 Jessica-cs {public msg} I would never go into producing, but I would love to direct

16:45:38 ROBCS {question presented} Hey Jessica ,how r u? What kind of after shave would you like a boy(friend)to wear?

16:46:45 Jessica-cs {public msg} I really don't like the smell of cologne on guys, so just "clean" smelling.

16:46:50 Andy {question presented} What kind of role would you like to play if Leo D was your co star?

16:47:20 Jessica-cs {public msg} I would like to play his little sister

16:47:29 Whitie {question presented} Jessica, have you ever seen Mallrats, Clerks, or Chasing Amy?

16:47:30 Mags-cs {public msg} Good answer :) 16:47:39 Mags-cs {action} loves all three of those!

16:47:55 Jessica-cs {public msg} I've never seen any of those

16:47:56 SUE-CS {public msg} Kevin Smith is God

16:48:05 Bazza-cs {question presented} If you were online with one of YOUR favorite celebs, what would you want to ask them?

16:48:29 SUE-CS {action} announces this was the last question :( 16:48:54 SUE-CS {public msg} Jessica's going to hit the chat lounge to say hi after this question, and tehn there will be a little trivia! :)

16:49:26 Mags-cs {action} announces a special trivia question for a cool prize!

16:50:31 Jessica-cs {public msg} if they could live anywhere in America, where would they live and why?

16:51:26 SUE-CS {public msg} Well Jessica thanks for chatting! Do you have time to hit thwe chat lounge?

16:51:56 Jessica-cs {public msg} thank you, have a great day everyone! Bye!

16:52:21 Bazza-cs {action} reminds all members that if you would like to post a personal/medical question for Dr Drew we will NOT use your screen name or your real name don't worry. It will be anonymous! 16:52:45 Bazza-cs {public msg} Thnaks for chatting at your own OFFICIAL website Jessie 16:52:58 Bazza-cs {action} . o O ( is it ok to call you Jessie? )