Bazza-cs enters.

Mags-cs enters.

Jessica-cs enters.

Bazza-cs welcomes Jessica Bowman back to Celebrity Sightings

Jessica-cs says, "Hey everyone- what's up?"

Bazza-cs says, "How are you today?"

Mags-cs says, "Great to have you with us, Jessica!"

Jessica-cs says, "I'm really good, I'm seeing my sister."

Bazza-cs says, "Thatís a great Halloween Costume Jessica!!! (grin)"

Jessica-cs says, "Ha ha ha.."

Mags-cs says, "Does your sis live far away?"

Bazza-cs says, "So are you ready for some spooky questions from the scary CS members?"

Jessica-cs says, "She lives all the way in Oregon."

Jessica-cs says, "I always miss her."

Mags-cs says, "mmmm. Too far!"

Mags-cs says, "Is she older or younger?"

Jessica-cs says, "Much much too far..:-("

Bazza-cs says, "OK guys - here we go with the first question for Jessica"

Mags-cs says, "who's ready to go..."

Mags-cs presents question #90 from Zackoid: Hi Ya Jessica! Welcome to cs! Anyways, How are ya doing.. Since it's Halloween.. humm... What kinda candy do ya like getting? And.. whatcha do fer fun on this night of ghouls... =) ~ Jessi

Jessica-cs says, "I love candy corn and any taffies.. I get sick off them every year!"

Mags-cs says, "candy corn is da bomb!"

Jessica-cs says, "I'm picking-up my sister at the airport and going to a party on our ranch."

Mags-cs presents question #96 from Bandit: Hi Jessica. Welcome to CS...How much fan mail do you get each week?

Jessica-cs says, "They come in huge envelops every two days."

Mags-cs says, "Do you try to answer a lot of them?"

Jessica-cs says, "I always send out an autographed picture, but I don't always have tome for all of them."

Mags-cs says, " Cool! :-)"

Mags-cs presents question #103 from Adimock: Jessica-cs do you like it at cs and it is good to have you back again to chat at cs?

Jessica-cs says, "It's wonderful to be here, thank you very much!!"

Mags-cs says, "Great to have you, too!"

Mags-cs presents question #108 from Abbyb: Hi Jessica!! How are you? Do you play any sports? What are your favorite places to travel to?

Bazza-cs says, "For anyone just coming back in from Trick or Treating - tonight we are thrilled to be chatting with Jessica Bowman from Dr. Quinn : Medicine Woman"

Bazza-cs says, "If you would like to ask Jessica a question - please go to the auditorium or any of the skyboxes and type /ask and then your question!"

Jessica-cs says, "I ride horses and I love too travel no matter where, this month I'm going to Chicago, San Francisco and NY for Christmas."

Mags-cs says, "Sounds like you're pretty busy!"

Jessica-cs says, "And I'm going to Iowa for a day..."

Mags-cs says, "Nice..."

Mags-cs presents question #106 from Bandit: Hi Jessica...Welcome to CS...What kind of car do you drive?

Jessica-cs says, "328 BMW Convertible- which needs to be washed."

Mags-cs says, "But a BMW convertible nonetheless!"

Mags-cs says, " What color is it?"

Jessica-cs says, "It's supposed to be's a mushy brown right now."

Mags-cs presents question #92 from Zackoid: Hi Ya Jessica! Humm... What kinda Music do ya like/listen to? Any bands/artists in particular ya like? stay kewl! ~ Jessi

Jessica-cs says, "I love Sublime, Dave Matthews, the Wall Flowers, Mozart, Beethoven (you got the idea)."

Mags-cs says, "Gotta love Dave..."

Mags-cs presents question #94 from Dizzy18: Hello there and welcome to this crazy and loony place. You are a great actress and I bet a very cool person. I want to ask you, Who is your favorite writer and What is you favorite book.?

Mags-cs says, "I always dig book questions..."

Jessica-cs says, "I love Hemingway, and I love Edgar Allen Poe's stories- in the spirit of Halloween!"

Mags-cs says, "Yay!"

Mags-cs says, "Telltale Heart, etc..."

Mags-cs presents question #97 from Bandit: Hi Jessica...Welcome to CS...Are you planning to do any movies in the future?

Bazza-cs says, "Movies? Did someone say Movies?"

Jessica-cs says, "I just did one this summer, and I'm doing one this month called "Breakfast with Einstein""

Mags-cs says, "Cool."

Mags-cs presents question #113 from Randyman: Do you ever get extreme fan mail like marriage proposals and stuff???

Bazza-cs says, "Later in todayís show Jessica will be hanging out in a couple of Skyboxes and then we will do some TRIVIA in the Chat Lounge!"

Bazza-cs says, "Mmmmm and your point is Randy????? heh Heh"

Jessica-cs says, "I had this guy ask for a lock of my hair! Like I'm gonna cut it off!"

Bazza-cs says, "Eeeeeeewwwwwww gross"

Mags-cs says, "Okay, speaking of hair..."

Mags-cs presents question #111 from Amyr: Here is the most important question of the day. What kind of shampoo do you use?

Mags-cs says, "A CS tradition!! :-)"

Jessica-cs says, "Oh, the best in the world, I just discovered it: it's called Philip B., it's French."

Mags-cs says, "Trust me, she has great hair... I'm taking her word for it!"

Bazza-cs says, "Write it down guys.............where do you get it from Jessica?"

Mags-cs presents question #112 from Martin: would ya scream if say BOOO to you?

Mags-cs says, "That's a spooky one!"

Jessica-cs says, "Just at a beauty supply store in my town, makes your hair like silk!"

Jessica-cs says, "Beauty.."

Jessica-cs says, "Yaaaaaaa!!! ^v^ ^v^!!!"

Mags-cs says, "That's a cyber-scream, for you Martin!"

Bazza-cs says, "Yikes!!!!! I am so on EDGE today ( wink)"

Mags-cs presents question #115 from Doppey: Do you have any animals, and if so what are their names???

Bazza-cs says, "Look out had better take notes here!"

Jessica-cs says, "Oh God!! I got sooo many, I have three dogs, two pigs, four horses and that's all, but I have to feed them all..."

Jessica-cs says, "Chloe, Sophia, Kana, Lucy, Charlotte, Zorbee, Passport, Maria, Sombre (shadow in Spanish, he's my fav.)."

Mags-cs says, " Wow!!!!"

Mags-cs says, "Okay - - next question is a BIG one!"

Mags-cs presents question #122 from Zackoid: I really don't like asking this question..but here it goes.. I've read rumors about Jonathan and You going out. This isn't true.. (is it?) People have been buggin bout it." =(

Bazza-cs reminds everyone just joining that we are chatting with the very lovely Ms Jessica Bowman from CBS' Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman!

Mags-cs says, "We are so curious!!!!!!"

Jessica-cs says, "Umm, we went out for dinner and he's very sweet."

Bazza-cs says, "Hmmm so some of those rumors were true?"

Mags-cs says, " Interesting stuff!!!"

Mags-cs says, "So, just a date, or something steady?"

Jessica-cs says, "Oh, it's a date, cuz our chaotic lifestyles wouldn't allow for anything else."

Mags-cs says, "So, do you have another b-friend? (we CS people are nosy!)"

Jessica-cs says, "No, I'm thinking about Dr. Quinn and filming a third movie, graduating from school, SAT prep courses, and filling out applications for college!"

Mags-cs says, "Gosh! When do you have time to just hang with your friends?"

Bazza-cs says, "Keep those questions coming everyone- in about 10 mins Jessica will be coming to say hi to some lucky members in the Skyboxes!!!"

Jessica-cs says, "On the weekend I go see my mommy and daddy and my friends, and we hang out and go to the movies."

Mags-cs says, "Fun!"

Bazza-cs says, "Then its time for some TRIVIA!"

Mags-cs says, "Okay, next question..."

Mags-cs presents question #117 from Abbyb: Jessica- Happy Halloween!! Who are you closest to on the set? Are there any kids your age? Whatís the best part of your job? ~Abby

Jessica-cs says, "I would say I'm closest with Chad Allen, Joe Lando, Jonelle Allen. And Chad is about the closest to my age."

Jessica-cs says, "And the best part is working with these people and acting."

Mags-cs says, "Hmmmmm. speaking of Chad..."

Mags-cs presents question #128 from Zackoid: What is it like working with Chad Allen. (He's still a cutie.. =)

Mags-cs says, "(anyone remember him from "Our House?")"

Mags-cs says, "I bet he'd much rather work with Jess than Shannon Doherty!!"

Jessica-cs says, "He is adorable and the sweetest person I know, I wish there were more men like him around."

Bazza-cs says, "Jessica - can you give the members all the scoop about the new movie project you are working on?"

Mags-cs says, " That's cool that you guys are such buds!"

Mags-cs presents question #129 from Amyr: What college do you think you will go to? What will you major in?

Jessica-cs says, "I applying to Northwestern, Columbia, Harvard and I want to major in film."

Mags-cs says, "All excellent schools!"

Bazza-cs says, "So what about da MOVIE??????"

Jessica-cs says, "The movie is about these kids who all have dogs in a dog show, my character is described as a snob with a bad nose job and looks like her toy poodle!"

Bazza-cs says, "Do you have any idea when its going to be released?"

Jessica-cs says, "Fall of next year and should be a PG film."

Bazza-cs says, "Cool whatís the name ?"

Jessica-cs says, "It's called "Breakfast with Einstein"."

Mags-cs says, "Nest question..."

Mags-cs presents question #107 from Randyman: Do you ever go back to the Danville area to visit?????

Bazza-cs says, "We will all be looking out for it---good luck!"

Jessica-cs says, "We just sold our house there :-( but I'm going to visit friends there next summer."

Mags-cs says, "Cool - I bet they miss you!"

Mags-cs presents question #104 from Amyr: What is your most favorite Halloween costume you ever wore?

Mags-cs says, "Love these childhood memories questions!!!"

Jessica-cs says, "When I was in the fourth grade I had my first boyfriend and I wanted to impress him, so I was a gypsy and I showed my belly-button. At the time it was sexy!!!"

Mags-cs says, "Ooooohhh! Fourth Grade Lovin""

Mags-cs says, "Ready for another, or do you have more costume faves?"

Mags-cs presents question #114 from Bandit: Hi Jessica Welcome to CS Whatís the most unique gift you have received from a fan?

Jessica-cs says, "His name was Justin Ross."

Bazza-cs says, "OK guys we only have time for another 2or 3 quick questions...then Jessica will be visiting members in the Skybox!"

Jessica-cs says, "Yesterday, I had a fan club from Germany come out and give me a crystal mouse."

Mags-cs says, "Nice! A present from a whole club!"

Jessica-cs says, "Very nice!"

Mags-cs presents question #120 from Zackoid: Today is a kewl Holiday fer the ghouls and CANDY! hehe.. anyways.. What's your fave holiday? =) ~zackoid

Jessica-cs says, "I LOVE Christmas, I love cold weather, and hot chocolate!!!"

Mags-cs says, "Not a lot of snow in L.A."

Mags-cs says, "You'll have to go to one of those east-coast schools!!"

Jessica-cs says, "This year I'm going to NY for that fact, snow and ice-skating."

Jessica-cs says, "I have a feeling I'll live in the East Coast."

Mags-cs says, "Okay, are ya ready for a DEEP question?"

Bazza-cs says, "Is this the last question?"

Bazza-cs says, "OK go for it!!!"

Mags-cs says, "Yep, we want to get to those skyboxes!"

Mags-cs presents question #130 from Zackoid: Humm... it's almost the end of the year and the year 2000 is bout 2 years away.... what do you see would happen in regards to our environment and how society will be..

Mags-cs says, "Things that make you go "hmmmmm" :-)"

Jessica-cs says, "Hmmmmm..."

Mags-cs says, "Told you!"

Mags-cs says, "We're putting poor Jessica on the spot here!"

Jessica-cs says, "Well, this past year I joined the EPA board, the Environmental Protection Agency, and they have lots of wonderful proposals for clean air. And I recently heard on the news that the Southland has the cleanest air in the past decade. So, that sounds like a promising future!"

Mags-cs says, "Great answer... :-)"

Bazza-cs says, "OK Guys ---- thatís all the questions we have time for today--- thanks for answering so well Jessica : )"

Mags-cs says, "Jessica, it was so great to have you with us! See you in the Skyboxes!!! :-)"

Bazza-cs says, "Jessica do you have time to come meet some members and do some trivia?"

Jessica-cs says, "My pleasure, thanks for the wonderful questions!"

Mags-cs leaves.

Jessica-cs says, "Of course!!!"

Jessica-cs leaves.

Bazza-cs says, "Jessica is now in Skybox Number 1!!!!"

Bazza-cs leaves.