16:13:18 bazza-cs {action} announces that Jessica is currently chatting with Premium members - this is a great time for all guests to post questions!

16:16:30 sue-cs {public msg} Hey Jessica!!! :)

16:16:39 sue-cs {public msg} Jess how are you today? :)

16:16:53 jessica-cs {public msg} I'm doing very well thank you, how is everyone out there?

16:17:04 sue-cs {action} is doing great because it is Friday!!! :)

16:17:19 sue-cs {public msg} Ready for soem questions?

16:17:31 jessica-cs {public msg} I'm ready - let's go

16:17:31 i_love_bazza {question presented} Hi Jessica!!! How are you doing? Hurricane Georges is coming here over the weekend so everyone around here is preparing and all. If your house was about to be blown away by a big hurricane and you could only save 3 things, which 3 things would you save?

16:18:56 jessica-cs {public msg} I would save family photos, because those you can never replace, and my dogs, and the ring that was passed down to me from my grandmother

16:19:07 sue-cs {public msg} awww....

16:19:27 andy {question presented} I heard you like riding do you have you own horse?what is her name?what color and stuff?

16:20:35 jessica-cs {public msg} I have my own horse - her name is Sombre de Maria, which means shadow of Maria...

16:21:03 jessica-cs {public msg} She is auburn and she is a possafino

16:21:25 guest1433 {question presented} Have you ever been to Vancouver BC Canada?

16:22:02 jessica-cs {public msg} Yes, I was in vancouver for 2 months in the spring filming "Someone to Love Me" which aired last week. I had a great time and I loved it there.

16:22:05 andy {question presented} Jessica you are really hot. I saw you in movie the other day and some of the scenes were a bit adult! Tell us about them and how comfortable were you doing them?

16:23:51 jessica-cs {public msg} I was a little nervous in the beginning, but the director and the cast members were all very professional, and made the atmosphere very at ease .

16:24:05 djohnsto {question presented} We all know that Dr. Quinn was cancelled rather abruptly .. . are there any plans to wrap the show up in mini-specials in future years (or have a reunion show) - David J

16:24:43 jessica-cs {public msg} I believe we're going to start doing some TV movies, either a set of two or a set of four.

16:24:55 i_love_bazza {question presented} If you could work with any famous person in the world, who would you most like to work with and why?

16:26:03 jessica-cs {public msg} It would be a toss up between Jodie Foster and Helen Hunt, because both started their careers at a young age and have created an arc choosing very versatile characters.

16:26:08 guest1454 {question presented} does it feel different to be famous? where do people recognize you the most? what do they do?

16:27:31 jessica-cs {public msg} People recognize me the most when I have my hair pulled half down and half up, because that's how my character had it. They usually just ask questions about the show and get autographs and things like that.

16:28:21 guest1444 {question presented} If you could do anything what would you do to make the world a better place??

16:28:48 jessica-cs {public msg} I'm thinking...

16:29:54 jessica-cs {public msg} I believe Snoop Dogg said it best when he said "drop the guns stop the violence, and increase the peace."

16:29:59 jessica-cs {action} smiles

16:30:26 guest1442 {question presented} Jessca, how do you like the costumes you wear on the set?

16:31:21 jessica-cs {public msg} In hot weather, the costumes get a bit warm, yet in cold weather, they become quite handy!

16:31:52 guest1456 {question presented} would you go out with a ugly guy if he was really sweet?

16:33:13 jessica-cs {public msg} Yes, of course, beauty is only skin deep. Personality is what matters, because that's what will endure.

16:33:54 violetr {question presented} what kind of car do you drive?

16:34:30 jessica-cs {public msg} I want a big car - right now I have a small one. My new house has a dirt driveway, so I need a sport utility vehicle to get there.

16:34:48 space_boy {question presented} If you had a boy and a girl what would you call them?

16:35:51 jessica-cs {public msg} If I had a boy, I like the names jake and Reese. And for a girl, I like the names Kate and Isabella.

16:36:16 jenna84 {question presented} Jessica, What college are you attending and what courses are you taking? Good luck with school! :)

16:37:15 jessica-cs {public msg} I'm taking speech, English, and film classes right now. Good luck to you in the new school year too!

16:37:17 i_love_bazza {question presented} What magazines do you enjoy reading?

16:37:37 jessica-cs {public msg} In Style, Allure, Vogue, & Bazaar


16:40:04 jessica-cs {public msg} I think animals are wonderful. I have six horses, 3 dogs, two pigs, and so I'd have to say I do enjoy the company of animals. As far as unlimited money, I'd have to think about it, but I don't think it would go to just one thing. I'd have to split it up among several different areas.

16:40:11 guest1458 {question presented} How do I know that I'm speaking to the "real" Ms. Jessica Bowman?

16:41:33 jessica-cs {public msg} Because I only chat on Celebrity Sightings, with the name Jessica-cs! Anyone not on CS otr not using that name isn't me. (besides, only I know the password!

16:41:54 jenna84 {question presented} Jessica, I was recently looking through a list of your filmography and saw that you did a picture called, "Remote." Can you tell us a little bit about it and who else was in it? Thanks!

16:43:24 jessica-cs {public msg} I was 12 - it was my first audition for areal movie in LA. It was my first callback ever. It was a film kind of like a Home Alone, and I was the girlfriend of the main character. John Deale was in it with me.

16:43:50 worstman {question presented} Jessica enjoyed seeing you in your last movie. What roles do you have comming up (if you can tell us :-) Tim

16:44:16 jessica-cs {public msg} We're doing a Dr. Quinn film in January, so I'll keep you posted on the dates.

16:44:36 jenna84 {question presented} Jessica, I think it is great that you were valedictorian of your graduating class. How long on average did you have to study to achieve those grades?

16:45:41 jessica-cs {public msg} I did my work on the set of Quinn, so I don't really calcuate the hours, but whenever we got a break on set I would study with my tutors. If I ever needed to make up any time, I did school on Sunday from 12-3.

16:45:49 i_love_bazza {question presented} What is your favorite snack food?

16:46:21 jessica-cs {public msg} Chicken from La Salsa and frozen yogurt.

16:47:17 guest1457 {question presented} what is the most daring thing yoiu have ever done?

16:48:12 jessica-cs {public msg} I jumped off a cliff in Lake Powell that was 45 feet high! There was no way of crawling down, because of rattlesnakes.

16:49:18 jenna84 {question presented} Hi Jessica! I really enojoyed Someone to Love Me! If you could make another Moment of Truth movie, what would you want it to be about?

16:50:28 jessica-cs {public msg} That's a good question..

16:51:29 jessica-cs {public msg} I'm thinking!

16:53:00 jessica-cs {public msg} I would like to make a movie about the issue of deadly diseases that face teenagers, such as cancer, and dealing with the death of a friend your own age.

16:53:24 sue-cs {public msg} That sounds like a great movie!

16:53:46 sue-cs {public msg} So Jessica thanks so much for chatting today!!!! Do you have time to stick around for some trivia?

16:53:53 jessica-cs {public msg} Sure - let's go!

16:54:03 jessica-cs {public msg} Thanks for having me :-)

16:54:11 sue-cs {action} tells everyone to go to the trivia lounge for some TRIVIA!!!! :)