SOMEONE TO LOVE ME First off, she was finally back in the states after a month and a half in Canada, shooting the NBC TV-movie "Someone to Love Me." Here's the synopsis on what the movie's about--straight from Jessica's lips.. "In the beginning of the movie, my father dies," she explains. "So I start acting out from the love I lost after his death by becoming a little promiscuous in my new school. It turns out that all these guys bet 50 dollars that they could sleep with me, and they all win the bet. "So everyone starts writing 'slut' on my locker and yelling out mean names at me and everything. I start going to therapy, and I just start crying about everything in the world. I have like 900 crying scenes in this movie! "Then one of the guys who I had previously slept with, rapes me. No one believes I got raped, because I had slept with him before. We end up going to court, and my mom and I have to discuss what a bad girl I was and start all over." Jessica says it was pretty hard to shoot the rape scene, and they had to do several takes, so that made it even harder. The kind of scenes that were no problem for her were, surprisingly, the crying scenes. "Crying is easy," she told us. "Being really happy is difficult. It's so hard to be happy; you always feel like you're being fake. But when you're crying, you know you look sad." Speaking of sad, it was a little depressing for Jessica to be away from her family and friends for so long. But weekend trips are what got her through! "My sister came out one weekend; my mom came out one weekend," she remembers. "One weekend I spent with a friend on the set named Julie; and another weekend my friends came out. "My friends and I had the best time! We had a little party in my hotel room; played music and danced. Then we went out to brunch the next day and ate a little too much! It was one of those serve-yourself-as-much-as-you- can-possibly-fit-in-your-stomach buffets." Sounds yummy! Jessica, however, balances her infrequent pigging out bonanzas with regular exercise--as showcased in the May issue of "Seventeen" magazine. Quick! Turn to page 88 and see Jessica demonstrating her awesome hiking ability in the "Bodyline" section. How cool is that?! In addition to the other thousand things on her schedule, Jessica is now gearing up for more auditions and high school graduation. As we told you last time, Jessica is the valedictorian of her graduating class (the student with the highest grade point average); and she has to prepare a speech to present at the ceremony. Unbelievably, she is very nervous about it!

Someone To Love Me airs September 14, 1998 on NBC


If you're a "Dr. Quinn" fan, listen up! Although it pretty much looks like the show will not be returning to CBS this fall, you CAN expect to see a two-hour special called "A Salute to Dr. Quinn." Also--if you've got the new cable channel PAX-TV, make sure you check out the reruns currently airing (Jessica says she has even turned on the TV to find her own image staring back at her)!

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